Sunday, June 30, 2002

back home!

man, is it great to be home! actually, i've been home for a few days, and i've just been getting stuff done that i should have done before i left! cleaning my kitchen, organizing my desk, sorting through my video tapes and cd's, as well as unpacking and doing laundry so i can pack again for western states (man, i can't seem to keep myself away from that youth group!)

my trip was fabulous! i twisted my ankle the first day out, which is so typical, but it was really mild and i was still able to do everything with the group - but i got out of unloading the trailer every night! yahoo! one of the real highlights of the week was the museum of tolerance in downtown los angeles... it was really well done and a very moving experience. disneyland was great, too... i was really disoriented when i got there, because everything has changed so much since the new park opened! the whole fast pass thing is cool. and i managed to do just about everything i wanted to do! the new fireworks show is awesome, and i had a really great time hanging out with all the other sponsors... tom, rita, kristi, mark, chris and rick. ;-) mark gets bonus points because he went on my favorite ride with me.. the alice in wonderland ride (no, not the teacups, i hate those!).

of course, now that i'm home i've got all kinds of stuff going on... i've got to get ready for western states, i'm looking for a job, plus my computer decided to crap out on me, so i have to back up and reformat tonight... ugh!

anyway, it's great to be home, even if it is only for a few days. ;-)

oh! here are the clarifications for amy: the mansion belonged to members of the church we performed at on that particular evening... they were out of town but opened up their home for us to stay in while they were gone (their son let us in and all that). AFLAC is... well, have you ever seent the commercial with the duck that says AFLAC? i think it's for insurance or something. and LYG is my little buddy... we met in philly while i was visiting ericalynn and he got to come home with me! you can see a photo of him here.

Saturday, June 29, 2002

friday five!

friday five!

When was the last time you...

1. ...sent a handwritten letter?
hm. a long time ago. i was never really into handwritten letters because i write slowly and sloppily. i do love sending postcards, though... i sent five of them from disneyland a few days ago!

2. ...baked something from scratch or made something by hand?
well, i crocheted a purse while i was on my trip, and i just finished a knitted baby blanket i've been working on!
3. ...camped in a tent?
elementary school. not looking to repeat that anytime soon, either. ;-)

4. ...volunteered your time to church, school, or community?
well, gosh, i just got back from a week-long trip with my church youth group, which was the culmination of six months of work. and actually, on wednesday night, i'm going to meet up with the same youth group in downtown san jose to be an adult sponsor for the wastern states youth gathering. ;-)

5. ...helped a stranger?
um, me and vanessa were in am pm in campbell, and i gave directions to a guy looking for garden city. i think that counts, although i have no idea why anyone would want to go to garden city.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

from the road, part 2

from the road, part 2

i'm sitting here with lyg (hi, ericalynn!) in north orange county in a amazing house that could almost be called a mansion. i can't even begin to describe how amazingly cool it is. i wish i had a digital camera so i could upload photos, but you all will have to take my word for it. jaw-droppingly amazing. everyone else is downstairs playing pool, but i suck at pool, so i figured i'd come upstairs, check my mail, pack for disneyland tomorrow, etc.

*fun tour tidbits*

late fees are collected and kept in a giant blue plastic piggy bank, to eventually be used to fund our cast party. the pigmasters, eric and robert, are talking about what incurs fines over the bus loudpeakers. every minute you are late costs 50 cents. if you're caught swearing, it costs 50 cents per word. if you break a commandment, it's a dollar. so adultery, murder, disrespecting your parents, it's all a dollar. however, disrespecting an adult sponsor will result in having your arms torn off by pigmaster robert, whio will then beat you sensless with them, and hide them in a high place where you can't reach them. aaaaaaahahahahaha!

on the bus, eric is taking roll and instructs everyone to answer with an animal sound. we get the generic cats, dogs, birds, etc. when eric calls blake's name, blake squawks "AFLAC". he won.

on clear com, i was talking about how i was touching up my henna tatoo with a black ball point pen. mark replies that now it's no longer a henna tatoo, but a penna tatoo. me and erika almost die laughing.

you can re-write just about any song lyrics or titles using the subject of spam (you know, the kind you buy in a can) and it will be really funny. for example, 'you are my hope' becomes 'spam on a rope'. tee-hee!

ok, back downstairs i go... i think i'm going to let someone beat my ass in pool... should be fun!

Saturday, June 22, 2002

on the road

right now i'm sitting in the balcony of a church in torrance, part watching the show, part running the video, and part surfing the internet. everone on the tech team is really excited because this church not only has a super cool tech area, but it also has high-speed internet!! this is the first time i've ben online in 4 days... i think that's some sort of record!

so far the trip is going great... we've been to mission beach in san diego, and souch coast plaza in costa mesa (my old mall!!) and i stayed at the coolest house in redondo beach... it was four stories, with an open roof, a beautifulfront porch, and it was about 50 feet from the beach! we walked down to the beach at about 10:30 at night and the ocean was warmer than the water in santa cruz at high noon in the middle of summer. some of the girls got up at 6am and went swimming, but not me... too cold and too early!

tomorrow we're heading to the beach again, and monday we get to go to disneyland! i haven't been in two years, so i'm really excited! plus i get to go out to dinner with my friend danny, whi i also haven't seen in almost two years. ;-)

i'm having a great time, but it already feel like we've been on tour for *weeks*, and i'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again. ;-) but in the meantime, i'm having as much fun as i can, sleeping very little and trying not to spend too much money... but i'm always trying not to spend too much money!! ;-)

Wednesday, June 19, 2002


well, in about an hour, i'll be on a bus with about thirty five high schoolers, headed off to sunny socal! i'm really excited... it's a great group of kids, so we're going to have lots of fun! plus i haven't been down to la in a long time! it's going to be great. ;-)

so, i guess it's goodbye, everyone, at least for a little while. but i'll be back in a week! (this round's blogger insider will be up when i get back, too.)

Monday, June 17, 2002

i hate packing.

i hate packing, i really do. i'm getting ready to go on tour with the youth group, which is always really fun, but wheni have to start packing, i get all neurotic. i pack too much, or i forget stuff, or i leave hair gel open in my bag and ruin a bunch of stuff, the list goes on and on. the fact that i wanted to leave santa cruz... oh, right now isn't making me feel any better. grrrrrr.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

trashy, trashy, trashy

so right now i'm watching one of those trashy lifetime movies... 'too young to be a dad'. those always crack me up... they're strangely intriging, in a horrible, wonderful way (on a random note, everytime i watch lifetime, i think of a guy i used to know who called it 'dyketime', which is ironic becasue i think he ended up coming out a few years after high school).

speaking of horrible, wonderful, trashy things, who else has ben watching american idol? come on, admit it, i know you are!! seriously, that first episode was one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time. i've come to the conclusion that mediocre singers know they are mediocre, and bad singers think they are god's gift to the world. my personal favorites - the guy who sang bohemian rhapsody, the girl who sang 'whatever god put in her mouth', the girl who sang lady marmalade like it was an opera song, and the girl with the attitude who was dressed like a hooker and had horrid bleach blonde har. needless to say, i'll be taping the show while i'm gone... ;-)

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

new design!

after about a week's work, i'm really happy to have this new design up. of course, i have found a few kinks, but i'm going to deal with them tomorrow, because it's late and i'm tired.

let me know what you think, though!

Saturday, June 8, 2002

i'm ariel... big shocker there...

why am i not surprised?

Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

Thursday, June 6, 2002

my summer plans

so, i have decided what i want to do with my summer and i'd like to share my plans with y'all.

i want to read all summer. i'll just stay in town, get myself a steady stream of new books and just read all the time. no work, less tv, less computer, more reading. more music too. i'll sleep in, read the newspaper with breakfast, read non fiction before lunch, short stories in the afternoons, cookbooks before dinner, eat fabulous gourmet dinners, and good fiction at night. i'll read at home, in the forest, at the beach, downtown, on the pier, in my bed, on my patio. it'll be great... i'll finally be able to catch up on my reading list!

of course, the whole paying the rent thing will probably impede these plans... but it's nice to dream!

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

all sorts of stuff!

laura's back, with a great new design, and as always, great links that i would never see otherwise... i've always wondered what i'd look like as a resident of south park! (the skull is my little tribute to metal steve over at diesel sweeties, my favorite web comic.)

rehearsal tonight went well... we did some filming for the drama wrap-up, which was fun but moderatly painful because it was so hot. i mean, it was hot in santa cruz, but it was even worse when i got to san jose. donna told me it was the hottest day of the year so far. i wanted to die. hopefully it will be cooler here tomorrow... all i know is that i'm really happy that i dont' have to go back to the valley until next week. the slurpee i had around 10:15 was nice, too, although it probably would have been a lot better about 4 hours earlier. ;-)

and what is it with the assholes on highway 17? tonight, i had someone following behind me so close, i couldn't see their headlights, and another guy who insisted on driving right next to me in my blind spot, so i was basically stuck for a good 500-750 feet. i couldn't get into the other lane at all... i wanted to just slow way down so i could at least get over, but then the asshole behind me would have swerved around me and cut me off. i swear, people need to chill the fuck out.

i didn't get around to posting yesterday, so here are the highlights.... sushi at pink godzilla with donna and milena, walking through the ghetto arcade at the boardwalk, seeing a cute shirtless guy in the window of la bahia, and watching 5x20 (even thought i missed the last 5 minutes, which is the best part!)

*yawn* well, it's my last day of work tomorrow... i should crash, so i can at least pretend to be productive. ;-)

Sunday, June 2, 2002


i'd like to start this entry by stating the fact that i hate imac keybords. the damn things just don't work well, they skip every other letter and they're too small. ok, moving on...

today i got up at 6:15 a.m. i can't even think of a time in recent history that i got up that early on purpose and actually stayed up (and no, the time i just stayed awake all night doen't count!). so now it's not even 11:30 and i'm getting ready to crash, and you know, i dont' think i've been to bed this early in a long time, either!

the weekend was really busy... working all day friday, working with the youth group kids on the musical all day saturday, then going on a safeway run and watching harry potter, going to bed at one, getting up at 6, singing at 8am worship, going to costco, going to coffee with yan, going to a barbeque and then watching the tony awards. i decided to save gas and stay in san jose, so i've got an empty day tomorrow... i think i might go over to valley fair and scope it out... the last time i was there was almost a year ago and i want to scope out the new wing. i'm not sure why they keep adding stuff... there's already no parking and the mall is bigger than a small city. oh well... i figure a monday morning is the best time to check it out - who knows, i might find a parking place in less than a half hour! ;-)

oh yeah... welcome back to cali, d!