Monday, January 27, 2003

work... sucks?

so, today at work i had my thirty day reveiw. this is hysterical since i have been working at my current job since the end of august. my boss had mostly good things to say about me, most notably that:

1. i have a good attitude (which i do, considering the shit-hole job i work at)

2. that i am motivated (which i most decidedly am not, thank you theater arts degree)


3. that i'm always looking for ways to make things more efficent (that's because these people do stuff so screwy that it takes ten minutes to do something that should take 10 seconds).

the only mildly negative said during the reveiw was that if i ever wanted to get promoted i should dress better. well, first of all, considering i'm running around, inside and outside all day, dressing nicer would be dumb... i'd be totally uncomfortable. plus, i hope i'm not at this place long enough to get promoted!

i'm grossly underpaid as it is... i'm a college graduate and i work 40 hrs + a week at a job where there is little down time and i get paid 11 dollars an hour. ELEVEN DOLLARS AN HOUR. these people are robbing me blind... i figure at the least i am worth $14. at the least!! if the job market wasn't so shitty right now i'd be out of there so fast, they wouldn't even realize i was gone.

all in all, though, the job is getting better, not worse. i still complain about it a lot, but i'm not coming home wanting to put my head in the oven anymore, so that's good. but if the job fairy is reading, how about sending me a great, $15-17/hr gig where i can wear jeans and sneakers to work? pretty please??

Monday, January 20, 2003

hey look! i'm back!

ok, so when i thought i would take a short break from blogging to deal with... well, december, i didn't think i would be gone for so long. but you know, i wanted a redesign, and then i changed hosts, and so i had to reinstall mt, etc etc. excuses are fun. this whole thing seems a bit like my situation with the gym. i'm going tomorrow! really!!

so, december was busy but good. christmas was good. new years was geeky but good. and now its' almost february! tomorrow i will be 24 and one week. i had a great birthday.... me and my mom went to the monterey bay aquarium. i took a ton of photos. some of the good ones are up in my new photoblog. yes! photoblog! i back-posted some photos as well because i needed a few days up to get the design to work. ;-)

so, tomorrow is my day off. i have a tendency to sleep all day on my day off, even though i start off with good intentions about getting up up at a reasonable hour and doing errands, laundry, dishes, etc. tomorrow my goals are jsut to go to the gym and the post office. that is all. i'm all about starting small.

actually, starting small has been working for me lately. for example - last month i switched to diet soda. those who know me realize what a big deal this is. this month, i am trying to kick fast food. so far i am doing very well with this. since jan. 1st, i have not had any fast food at all. this is also a big deal. this is the same way i stopped eating red meat... i just decided and that was it. now if only i could decide just to go to the gym 3 times a week!