Saturday, August 31, 2002

jobby job

so, i didn't want to post about this until it was a done deal, but hey!! i got a JOB!!

it's pretty sweet set up - close to home, good $ (hourly wages, lots of overtime and commission!!). i figure with overtime i'll make an extra $250 a month... which is great, i can pay off my visa and start hoarding. i figure, if i just keep pretending that i'm poor, after a few months i'll have a good amount of money in the bank that i can live off for a few months should something happen. then i can start buying stuff... i really want a digital camera and a new computer, and i'd like to go on a little spree at ikea and buy some nice new stuff for my office... a chair, tv stand, cool lamp, etc. plus, with a regular income, i can finally afford to join the gym... i'll just spend the winter working my ass off.

mmm, the new coldplay cd is good. go get it.

um, what else? the VMA's were a digrace. everyone looked terrible. april lavigne is annoying as hell. britney looked like a dominatrix. p. diddy is one big, terrible joke. and christina (who i love) made me want to cringe. her skirt was basically a wide belt, and i wouldn't even call that a shirt. and what was with the ghetto accent? was she high or something? *shudder* i'm glad john mayer didn't win the award he was up for... he should steer clear of mtv in general, since it apparently is a black hole that likes to suck talent out of people. i'm not even going to go in to the whole GNR thing. ha. guns n' roses my ass.

the only good thing bout the whole night was justin's solo debut. that guy is going to be the next michael jackson. seriously.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

war on iraq is a bad idea.

ok, so i don't really get political here, but i do want to say this...

this whole war on iraq thing is BAD NEWS.

and i'm not saying that because i'm a liberal (which i am), i'm saying it because anyone with half a brain can tell you that it's just plain dumb. not to mention that we have no right to go into counrties and kill off their leader just becasue we don't like them. granted, i think saddam is a slimy bastard who is big trouble for everyone, but going to war with him right now (and for no good reason) is dumb. and everyone knows it, except our president. hm.

anyway, i found a link on amy's page that i wanted to share... has a "petition to oppose a war that would likely undermine both national and world security...comments will be hand-delivered to your Senators as part of a national day of action on August 28th. Constituent meetings are being organized with Senate offices everywhere."

so, go sign the petition, and tell your friends. only takes a second, really makes a difference. do it now.

ok, back to cleaning the house.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

fire water burn

if i have to keep alphabetizing files for much longer, i'm seriously going to vom.

and i've got all kinds of things to say, but i can't really blog from work, and by the time i get home, sitting at the computer isn't first on my list.

uh, first, the big fire at santana row. it was insane - santana row is right by the intersections of three major south bay freeways, two of which i drive on to get home from work. luckily, i know all the city streets like the back of my hand, but it still took over an hour to get home, when it usually takes 20 minutes. it's kinda sad... santana row was going to be a huge reatil and housing complex, now it's just a big pile 'o' nothing (as shown by their construction webcam.

mmm, 10 minutes until american idol. my money's on kelly. i can't wait to buy her album. (and no, i'm not kidding.)

most exciting, though, is this... about 4 years ago, i bought a pair of surplus flare jeans at the gap that they promptly discontinued. of course, they were the cutest, most comfortable jeans i'd ever owned. it got to the point where i coudn't wear them wthout tearing a new hole in them. i've been trolling ebay for months looking for a new pair in my size, but no luck. then tonight, i went to old navy... and they ressurected my jeans! the flares aren't as big, but they're basically the same... it made my day. seriously.

Thursday, August 15, 2002


(new, updated links on the left!)

man, i'd forgotten how much working full time sucks ass. i get up at the ass crack of dawn, go work for what seems like forever doing menial (but important) work, come home, run errands, eat dinner, check my mail, try to blog, and i never seem to get to bed as early as i'd like. it's rather tedious, but i got my first paycheck today, so its' all good.

been listening to a lot of radio paradise at work... have i ever mentioned rp before? everyone should check it out... it's a 24 hour web radio station that plays "intelligent eclectic rock". it's run out of paradise, ca (no joke) and has a constantly updating list of what's currently playing! i've been keeping a notepad on my desk where i write down all the artists and songs that catch my ear. notable new listens:

dishwalla - opaline
nick drake - river man
nickel creek - reasons why

i'd highly reccomend downloading these songs... very mellow and melodic, perfect getting-ready-for-bed music. also go listen to radio paradise, and donate a bit if you like it.

got a call today about a job i applied for about a month ago, going to an interveiw on sunday morning(!!). i like where i'm working now, but it's out by the san jose airport, and it's only temporary, and the job i'm interveiwing for is literally 8 blocks from my house in SC. god, that wold be so great. think good thoughts for me, ok?

john mayer show tomorrow in berkeley.... i'm totally excited. not only do i get to spend the evening with two of my favorite people (debbie and katlynn), but i get to have smart alec's for dinner and drool over a beautiful, talented rock star. should be great. ;-)

Wednesday, August 14, 2002


today was not going so well, and then i opened my email and saw this:


and all was right with the world.

four shows, tour in '03, live phish halloween shows and a dvd of the vegas show (that i was at, btw). debbie screamed into the phone when i told her. donna sent me a email saying she would have screamed if she hadn't been in the middle of the office. i would have screamed if i hand't been having a giant neck spasm when i read the news (yeah, that sucked frozen hose water), but still, damn!!!!

good fucking day.

Monday, August 12, 2002

interesting weekend...

interesting weekend...

spent saturday night at the boardwalk with imelda, ebin, marcie and matt. we played pool, and then headed to the arcade where we played pinball and video games and laser tag. then we sat on a bench, which was across the street from a hotel, and there was a girl just sitting in the window, watching people walk by. we all waved at her, and she waved back. i'm not even going to go into the strange and bizarre stories people were telling while we sat there. ;-) we did see a wedding party walk by, which was neat, and it was a really nice night, cool and misty.

sunday i just relaxed, worked on my editing job, had sushi for dinner (mmmm)and stayed up a little later than i should have, considering i had to get up at 6 am to come to work today... that's earlier than usual, but it's worth it because it mean i get to spend sunday night in sc instead of sj.

so i hop in my car, a few minutes behind schedule, get nearly to the summit, and come to a dead stand-still. turns out a big rig with two trailers full of dirt had overturned about halfway down the mountain on the sj side, and they had closed the road. luckily i was at a place where i could turn around, so i did... there was no way i was going to sit on the road for hours waiting for them to clean everything up. luckily i have a cool boss who also commutes from sc to sj, so she was stuck as well, and very understanding of the situation. so i hung out at home, did dishes, and headed over to work once the road was clear, which was about 1:30. it sucks that i missed a bunch of work ( i need all the hous i can get, becasue hours = $$ ), but i went to town for lunch, and drove around for a bit with my sunroof open and all my windows down, which was great.

of course it was 15 degrees warmer in sj, which was gross.

Thursday, August 8, 2002


this is so exciting.... i'm blogging from work! i'm working at a company in san jose for an undetermined amount of time, doing data entry, filing, odd jobs, etc. it's so great to be back in the land of the gainfully employed... i might actually write here more, because there's actually interesting things happenening now. beacuse, really, who wants to read this over and over...

"got up and looked for work today, but didn't find anything, so i watched six old eopisodes of law and order and attempted to clean my room."

boring, huh?

but that lifestyle is on hold for now... i don't even mind staying weeknights at my parents house, becasue i might actually be able to pay off my credit card! hooray!

anyway, tonight i'm going to E&O with yan and donna... i'm salivating already! it's one of those places that is so incredibly good, but a bit expensive, so its' a special occasion kind of place... but yan's moving to philly on sunday, so i think this counts as a special occasion. (if you go to their website, they have a recipie posted for their corn fritters, which are absolutely heavenly!)

random thought - who do you think will win american idol? i'm voting for kelly, because she can sing circles around all those other people, and she's not all arrogant like justin. discuss.