Tuesday, August 27, 2002

war on iraq is a bad idea.

ok, so i don't really get political here, but i do want to say this...

this whole war on iraq thing is BAD NEWS.

and i'm not saying that because i'm a liberal (which i am), i'm saying it because anyone with half a brain can tell you that it's just plain dumb. not to mention that we have no right to go into counrties and kill off their leader just becasue we don't like them. granted, i think saddam is a slimy bastard who is big trouble for everyone, but going to war with him right now (and for no good reason) is dumb. and everyone knows it, except our president. hm.

anyway, i found a link on amy's page that i wanted to share... moveon.org has a "petition to oppose a war that would likely undermine both national and world security...comments will be hand-delivered to your Senators as part of a national day of action on August 28th. Constituent meetings are being organized with Senate offices everywhere."

so, go sign the petition, and tell your friends. only takes a second, really makes a difference. do it now.

ok, back to cleaning the house.