Sunday, November 30, 2003

funny funny

heard on live 105 today: the dj encouraging listeners to come to the not so silent night concert, not for the music, but to see his new mistletoe belt.

and why is it that when i'm just messing around, friendster works just fine, but when i actually have people to look up, it's not working? grrrr.

Friday, November 28, 2003

unemployment rules

it's been 1 week since my last day at the job from hell, and i can honestly say that unemployment is cooool. i've been enjoying myself for the past week, visiting with friends, shopping, eating way too much turkey, and mostly SLEEPING. i only felt caught up on my sleep yesterday. that's what hard core exhaustion can do, kids.

got my hair cut on wednesday. no photo, but i can say that it is short. shorter than last time, i think... when it's curly it's just about sholder length, a little longer when i blow dry it. lynn (my awesome stylist) always does a great job. she flat-irons my hair before i leave, which look sooooo good but i can never manage to do it myself... i can never reach the back.

in other exciting news, i got a call back on a job application i put in today! it's the only place i applied that i think i'd actually *like* to work. it's only a holiday job, but that is actually cool... if it sucks, i have a defininte end date. i'm going in on sunday to talk to the hiring manager, so think good thoughs for me!

well, tonight the old high school gang is supposedly going bowling. i haven't heard anything for a few hours, so we'll see. in the meantime, back to cleaning... my house needs some serious attention.

Monday, November 17, 2003

slave to the modem light

my internet was down almost all day yesterday, which SUCKED. you never realize how much you rely on (read: obsessed with) something until it's gone.

however, it's back on today, and my speed upgrade kicked in. it's bad ass, i tell you, bad ass.

four more days of work to go. I haven't seen the schedule yet, so i'm not sure of one of those days is a day off. it's a moot point by now, and i could use the extra $$, so if i am working all 4 days, it's no big deal.
although, that would mean that in the time between returning from vacation and my last day - 15 total days - i got 2 days off. yet another reason i'm leaving this SHITTY company.

although i've managed to leave everything on fairly good terms - as a little going away thingy for me, we're all going out before i leave. should be fun - i always had the most fun outside of work, when we'd go out for drinks, or to dinner. everyone's all excited - they think that just becasue i'm leaving, they can get me drunk, and on beer no less. I try to explain to my boss that i think beer is just about the foulest thing ever, but he doesn't buy it. i told him that he'll be buying me a bunch of soda. ;-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

speakeasy rules!

i love my ISP! i just upgraded my DSL speed and my monthly bill went DOWN by almost 20 bucks!

speakeasy rules. you should totally go check them out if you need DSL.

9 days left!

i quit my job last friday. this means that i only have 9 more days left before i get to run screaming from the hellhole that i've been working in for over a year. every second i spend at work feels like an eternity now. i can't WAIT until my exit interveiw, though - i'm going to give HR an earful... no breaks, working 6,7,8,9 days in a row without a day off, i could go on and on. but for now i jsut keep repeating "9 days left. 9 days left." 9 DAYS LEFT!

i got back from vacation 1 week ago today, and i've been avoiding the grocery store. i have no milk, no bagels, no veggies, no cream cheese, no regular cheese, and did i say no bagel? ugh. i have about a thousand other errands to run today, too, and i really don't want to leave my house.

also one week ago today - the simon and garfunkel concert. it was fucking AWESOME - not nessecarily the words you would hear connected to a reunion tour of a sixties folk duo, but fucking AWESOME is about all i can say. it was sone of those shows where every note blows you away, where you spend every second on the edge of your seate, trying to breathe the music in. totally worth the (rather expensive) ticket price.

on a totally random note - i love the internet. i just watched tonight's episode of the OC (my new favorite show) about 10 hours before it airs! ahhh, the age of technology is grand. ;-)