Monday, November 17, 2003

slave to the modem light

my internet was down almost all day yesterday, which SUCKED. you never realize how much you rely on (read: obsessed with) something until it's gone.

however, it's back on today, and my speed upgrade kicked in. it's bad ass, i tell you, bad ass.

four more days of work to go. I haven't seen the schedule yet, so i'm not sure of one of those days is a day off. it's a moot point by now, and i could use the extra $$, so if i am working all 4 days, it's no big deal.
although, that would mean that in the time between returning from vacation and my last day - 15 total days - i got 2 days off. yet another reason i'm leaving this SHITTY company.

although i've managed to leave everything on fairly good terms - as a little going away thingy for me, we're all going out before i leave. should be fun - i always had the most fun outside of work, when we'd go out for drinks, or to dinner. everyone's all excited - they think that just becasue i'm leaving, they can get me drunk, and on beer no less. I try to explain to my boss that i think beer is just about the foulest thing ever, but he doesn't buy it. i told him that he'll be buying me a bunch of soda. ;-)


bad influence said...

Perhaps they should buy you a rum and coke instead? Tee hee.
Internet obsessors unite!!!