Monday, February 21, 2005

the white and fluffy stuff.

I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. SNOW! everywhere!! something i will never see on christmas morning. of course I was geeking out in the living room, since i ahve never really seen it snow like this. of course, walking around boston in the snow is not the most pleasant idea, so we went to the mall! we also watched La Traviata, but i fell asleep at the end. it was a very pretty movie, though. ;-)

the past 4 days have flown by... Donna's recital, walking around Boston, dinner with Donna's Family, yummy Sunday Brunch, shopping on Newberry St., and now snow!! and tomorrow i'm hanging out with Davy. Boston is so so so pretty... but very cold. very, VERY cold. which makes it hard to take photos, because it means i have to take off my gloves, which is rather unpleasant. I hope that maybe next year i can come back in the spring when it is warmer, and do more walking around. i keep coming back east in the winter when it is too cold to walk around!

I really like Boston, but i definetly am looking forward to going home to warmness. WARMNESS! i'm just hoping it stops snowing so i cna enjoy my last day here, and so there are no problems with my flight on wednesday.

So right now I'm sitting in Donna's aprtment in Boston, listening to music and trying to decide what to eat for dinner. everyone in the house has gone to opera rehearsal and i decided to stay here. since i will probably be walking around outside a lot tomorrow, i wanted to stay in tonight, and relax. i think i'm going to watch a bunch of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and eat leftovers. mmm. ;-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I hate valentines day.

i know it's the day after. what can i say? i'm different.

ahem... and now, the best valentine's card i have ever received.

"I hate Valentine's Day.
I hate not being able to find the right card to send.
I hate finding the right card to send because they might not have gotten me one and then I'll feel like such a fool.
I hate wondering whether or not I should give a gift, and if I do give a gift, how extravagant it should be.
I hat not getting a gift on Valentine's Day, especially if I've given somebody else one.

I hate Valentine's Day.
I hate not going out to dinner on Valentine's Day.
I hate going out to dinner on Valentine's Day, because everyplace romantic has been booked solid for the last three weeks, and if you do by some miracle happen to get in, it's disgustingly crowded and noisy and about as romantic as gym class in high school.

I hate Valentine's Day.
I hate thinking about all the flowers that give thier lives just so someone at the office can look really popular.
I hate it that there's some kid in a classroom somewhere who didn't get any valentines becasue he or she's not popular. I hate it when I don't get any valentines.

I hate Valentine's Day.
I mean it. I hate it, hate it, hate it!

But you I love.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

a bit embarrassing, if you ask me.

i used to be a bit of an awards show junkie, but if the past year or two, i've sortof given them up - they're so contrived and i really just want to know who wins. i have no problem going to yahoo the morning after and reading the list of winners.

but last night, i watched the end of the grammys simply becasue there was nothing else on. it was cool, i saw john mayer perform and saw him win for daughters, which i love love love. it's such a great song.

but that whole singalong of across the universe? what a freeking train wreck!! like, people were singing the wrong lyrics. and it had that bad campfire feeling. i mean, that echoing thing? NOT OK. it certainly did not sound like a bunch of people who do music for a living.

don't get me wrong, i think the whole concept was very noble, very we are the world. but my ears would have been happier if they had maybe passed the hat and said, "hey, we know that we're richer than most people, so we pulled out our wallets and collectively gave X number of dollars. if you want to donate too, please do so."

i mean, really! they're handing out gold statues while dressed in designer gowns and they want me to go buy a poorly rehearsed song? something about it just annoys me.

p.s. has anyone else actually heard that ray charles cd that won album of the year? honestly, i think it is way overrated and it has insane pitch problems... i think green day should have won instead.

you can call me miss messy.

so, my house is messy. i know the problem is that i have too much stuff, and i'm trying to remedy that, but it SO HARD to throw things away. or give them away. SO HARD. but i am making progress. i stayed at home all weekend and cleaned. well, cleaned and watched a bunch of TV and read a book, but i did actually get things done.

like my laundry room is all clean! all the towels are off the floor and currently drying. and they will NOT end up back on the floor! i can see the floor in my bedroom. like, the whole floor. there is still a pile of stuff on my bed that needs to find a home, but it is NOT ON THE FLOOR. i moved my bedside table and chair and vaccuumed the whole room. i put all my shoes in the shoe boxes (actually apple boxes filled with shoes, but it works) and i can actually close the curtains over the closet (no closet doors).

it's nice. i like not having clutter all over everything. i'm hoping i can keep doing a little at a time and keep getting rid of things. but now i have to go tackle my dining room table and start packing for the tip to boston. i leave in 4 days! ack!

Monday, February 7, 2005

doing the geek dance

i am dancing all over my office right now because i JUST PUT SKINS ON MY SITE. this is something i never thought i'd be able to figure out, let alone get to work.

this is very exciting for me.

please leave a comment if you come across anything broken.


(thanks to trinity, who inadvertantly directed me to the awesome ALA php stylswitcher!)

clinique-ly insane

could not resist the ridicuolusly stupid play on words. HA.

phew! busy day! half the office was out today for various reasons so everyone else had to work 3 times harder. of course this meant i was on my feet more than usual, and DAMN, my legs are sore.

so as a little treat to myself after work i stopped at macys to spend my ancient gift cards. i figured with 25 bucks i could get a cute clearance purse or something. clearance purses, yes, cute no. pass on the purses. i supressed the urge t buy earrings (i don't wear them but i love them) and the idea of buying clearance boots was ruined by the fact that even on clearance they were all still over $50!

so i cruised over to the clinique counter and was asking about their 3 step system. i got ddmg for christmas and i love it, so i figured i'd try out the rest of the system. and i got the cleanser and the clarifying lotion and i even had 13 cents left on my gift card. whee!

i'm really hoping that i can get in the habit of using this stuff because i'm really sick of having freaked-out skin. but the good thing is that if i really don't like it i can take it back and either try different levels of the stuff, or return it altogether.

so it was a good shopping day, but i get home and i have way too much to do to get ready for my trip next week, and my internet is running slow. so it's time for me to be productive!

Saturday, February 5, 2005

you stole my story!

I've had two of my netflix movies for EVER, so I vowed this weekend to watch both of them and get them back in the mail. Today I watched The Secret Window, which was not so great. I love John Tuturro and Johnny Depp, and they were both good, but the movie was way too predictable. I'd be curious to read the book, though, i really like Stephen King and his books are usually much better than the movies they spawn. Tomorrow I'm going to watch Memento, which I have had since NOVEMBER. Terrible, I know.
Today I tried to install the Netflix Suite plugins on my site, but I can't get it to work at all. It doesn't even show up in my list of plugins. grrrr. Trinity - which plugin do you use? Any thoughts? I could use all the help I can get!

Friday, February 4, 2005

is there anybody out there?

so, after a long winter, i'm finally starting to feel up to writing again. i know it's technically still winter, but when i get out of work, it's still light out, and we've been having great weather, so for me, spring is coming!!

things have been good!
work is good - found out today that everyone in the office is getting a merit increase. hello raise! i've been waiting for you!!

holidays were good - had my annual holiday party which was a smash, and spent chrstmas with the fam at the beach, as usual. got a new camera, which is very exciting.

new year's was goooood - spent the evening in SF eating ridics food and having way too much fun with my friends. stayed up until almost 6am and crammed 7 people into a tiny hotel room!

birthday was good - 26 is the new 25, y'all! went to SF again, this time with Danny and Donna, and had fun eating REALLY good food at Asia SF. i even met up with Tracy, who i have not seen since HIGH SCHOOL. it was awesome.

and now it's february, and i am getting ready for a trip to boston to visit Donna and see the sights. hopefully the weather will not be too lame - i'm not so good with the cold and trying to see boston while it's dumping snow will not be fun! but i'm really looking forward to the trip since i've never been there before.

but before i leave i have to get an entire corner of my bedroom cleared so my dad can hang a shelf while i'm gone. so we all know what i'll be doing this weekend!! hah.