Saturday, February 5, 2005

you stole my story!

I've had two of my netflix movies for EVER, so I vowed this weekend to watch both of them and get them back in the mail. Today I watched The Secret Window, which was not so great. I love John Tuturro and Johnny Depp, and they were both good, but the movie was way too predictable. I'd be curious to read the book, though, i really like Stephen King and his books are usually much better than the movies they spawn. Tomorrow I'm going to watch Memento, which I have had since NOVEMBER. Terrible, I know.
Today I tried to install the Netflix Suite plugins on my site, but I can't get it to work at all. It doesn't even show up in my list of plugins. grrrr. Trinity - which plugin do you use? Any thoughts? I could use all the help I can get!


Trinity said...

I've had a couple Netflix movies out for a while, and I've even watched one of them! I agree with you about Secret Window - I was very disappointed, especially because I was looking forward to really enjoying it.
I'm using the Netflix Suite. What error are you getting? For a while there, I was using the wrong ID number. If you use Firefox, open your cookies and look at the ones for Netflix. I think it's one called SessionID or something. It should be a long string - maybe 12 characters. Mine begins with a "p," I think. If you're still not able to get it working, drop me an email and maybe we can hook up on AIM/Yahoo and get it working.
Happy Sunday! :)

Vans said...

So did you see Memento? I LOVED IT!!! Guy Pearce is a hottie and it's a mind bender.
Secret Window was a disappointment, but not the worst movie in the world. That would be Town & Country. An all-star cast with a plot that makes no sense. If you ever see it and understand what the point of the movie is, let me know. =)
It's Friday!