Monday, February 7, 2005

clinique-ly insane

could not resist the ridicuolusly stupid play on words. HA.

phew! busy day! half the office was out today for various reasons so everyone else had to work 3 times harder. of course this meant i was on my feet more than usual, and DAMN, my legs are sore.

so as a little treat to myself after work i stopped at macys to spend my ancient gift cards. i figured with 25 bucks i could get a cute clearance purse or something. clearance purses, yes, cute no. pass on the purses. i supressed the urge t buy earrings (i don't wear them but i love them) and the idea of buying clearance boots was ruined by the fact that even on clearance they were all still over $50!

so i cruised over to the clinique counter and was asking about their 3 step system. i got ddmg for christmas and i love it, so i figured i'd try out the rest of the system. and i got the cleanser and the clarifying lotion and i even had 13 cents left on my gift card. whee!

i'm really hoping that i can get in the habit of using this stuff because i'm really sick of having freaked-out skin. but the good thing is that if i really don't like it i can take it back and either try different levels of the stuff, or return it altogether.

so it was a good shopping day, but i get home and i have way too much to do to get ready for my trip next week, and my internet is running slow. so it's time for me to be productive!