Monday, February 7, 2005

doing the geek dance

i am dancing all over my office right now because i JUST PUT SKINS ON MY SITE. this is something i never thought i'd be able to figure out, let alone get to work.

this is very exciting for me.

please leave a comment if you come across anything broken.


(thanks to trinity, who inadvertantly directed me to the awesome ALA php stylswitcher!)


Trinity said...

Yay for the styleswitcher! I love it and I'm glad you found it, too! :)
One thing, though. The style doesn't show up here on your archive page, and when i use the switcher here to switch it, i get, /blog/archives/switcher.php not found. I'll bet if you make that URL an exact one, instead of just naming the path, you'll be fine. :)
Oh, I LOVE the Christmas Day sunset theme!!!

leblanc said...

hey sister - i haven't checked up on you in a while, and your site looks GREAT@!!!! excellent job on the skins. i'd like to learn to do the same thing!
hope you are well. mush love.