Monday, June 28, 2004

I *Heart* Zach Braff

have you seen the trailer for Garden State?

i keep watching it over and over again. it's quite possibly one of the best teasers i've ever seen. the choice of music, the fact that there's no talking.... i don't even know what the hell the movie is about and i am totally dying to see it.

I'm so used to seeing zach braff being all funny, and in the trailers he has these fantasic empty stares.... it's amazing. i can't WAIT for this movie.

plus i'm now totally obsessed with that song.

Frou Frou - Let Go

Drink up baby doll
Are you in or are you out
Leave your things behind
'Cos it's all going off without you
Excuse me too busy
Writing your your tragedy
These mishaps you bubble-wrap
When you've no idea what you're like
So let go jump in
Oh well what you waiting for
It's alright
'Cos there's beauty in the breakdown
So let go just get in
Oh it's so amazing here
It's alright
'Cos there's beauty in the breakdown
It gains the more it gives
And it rises with the fall
So hand me that remote
Can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow
Such boundless pleasure
We've no time for later now
You can't await your own arrival
You've twenty seconds to comply

Friday, June 25, 2004

Hello bed! I missed you!

After 9 days of sleeping primarily on floors (with the occasional bed thrown in, thank goodness) i'm back home. My bed is pretty appealing as it is, but last night around 1 am when i got home, i wanted to hug it and kiss it like it was a person.

This year's youth group trip took us south to LA, east to Tuscon and Scottsdale, then back west to The OC (w00t w00t) and Disneyland, and home again. it was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC, which i wasn't able to say during the trip being that it was with youth group and i wasn't allowed to swear. not like that stopped me most of the time (hahaha, evil me :-> ), but i don't think it would have been smart to get up during the show last night and tell all the parents and members of the congreagation that it was a FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC week. anyway, the kids knew it was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC, and that's all that mattered.

There were about 50 poeple on the bus this year, so it was crowded! but for the most part, everyone got along and ahd fun. that was until the back of the bus started doing those stupid 'sha-booya roll calls' but that's another story entirely.

arizona is hot and dusty and EW. it was beautiful, but i wish it hadn't been so fucking HOT. i got some neat pictures of cactus. that was about it. oh, and did i mention that it was FUCKING HOT?

Our day at Disneyland was ridonkulous. one of my friends from back when i was in youth group ditched work and came with us. we spent the whole day together, which was awesome since i haven't seen her since her wedding almost 2 years ago! 25 of us went to the blue bayou for lunch (that's the joint inside pirates of the carribean) and ate insane amounts of food. we managed to spend about 8 hours with a big group, which was fun and totally amazing at the same time - I was at disneyland in February with 8 people and we bitched and argued almost the whole time (that's not to say that it wasn't fun, because it was WAY fun, we just couldn't agree on what to do).

at dinnertime, 8 of us split off from the group, and had this ridics dinner on mainstreet, where we watched the parade, spilled water everywhere, got attacked by a giant butterfly, cleaned up an exploding pack of gum, and laughed until we cried.

we went on all the important rides... Indiana Jones, the jungle cruise, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, big thunder, the matterhorn, the teacups (wheeee) and Small World. Our last FastPass of the day was for Indy, and we had plenty of time to go on the ride and make it back to the meeting point on time, but then the ride broke. we were stuck in our little car for close to 30 minutes, and they turned on the LIGHTS and got a little ladder and we all climbed off the ride and walked out. it was really pretty amazing. we have a photo of us sitting in our car, in the middle of the dart room, NOT MOVING. it rocked.

it was such a great day... out of ten, it ranked an 11, then a 15, then a 19.5, then a 25. basically it was like two and a half perfect days in one. ;-)

I taught the kids about abreevs, too, which they thought was hysterical. but it caught on, and by the end of the trip, people were talking about going to starbs for a cofs, and saying that their lunch was dece, and talking about how the day at disneyland was totes ridics. ok, maybe it didn't catch up that fast, but i was super excited when someone said their lunch was dece, which is an abreev that i'd never even thought of. whee!

This trip was a great one, and i'm really happy with how the show turned out, too. but seriously, i missed my bed. a LOT. so now i'm going to go crawl in it and sleep FOREVER.

Friday, June 11, 2004

this is ridonkulous.


Picture this: The plane circles the airfield, the passengers around you prepare for landing. Suddenly, a familiar catchy theme song begins playing in the background, and the flight crew expresses its delight to be the first to bid you "welcome to the O.C., bitch!"

they actually want to rename john wayne airport...

can you imagine flying into 'The O.C. Airport, John Wayne Field' ??

i mean, i'm obsessed with the OC too, but this is ridonkulous.

instant karma

it's amazing how when things are going not so good, things can make a turn for the better just like that!

i was worrying about some serious money issues - like possibly not having enough money to pay my rent next month! but all of a sudden, i get a tivo rebate of $50 that i had long given up as lost in the mail! then yesterday i got a check from the state - apparently i did my taxes wrong and i got an extra 65 bucks! it helps that i had forgotten about the state refund altogether, so i'm now up $170, which helps a lot.

things are still tight around here, though, so i'm still selling those dvd's (scroll down, hint hint) and i'm taking back some recent purchases, including my new skirt (sob)! i hate to do that, but it comes down to the fact that i just can't afford it! i figured out that by taking some stuff back i can get close to $100 back in my bank account, more if i hadn't been stupid and lost receipts. D'oh! ;-)

but this again justifies my beleif in karma - i try every day to be a good person, and every time i think things are at their worst, i get these little reminders that all my efforts to be nice aren't all for nothing. ;-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2004


ok, so here's the deal.... I'm broke. right now i have $34 to my name, and i need to pay bills. SO! i'm selling some stuff. right now i have a few DVD's in the pile, and i thought i'd put them up here before i put them on craigslist.

$15 per movie, and that includes shipping. they all work. leave a comment with your e-mail if you're interested.

Charlie's Angels
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Gone in 60 Seconds
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
The Jackal (still shrink-wrapped!)

Saturday, June 5, 2004

because i have nothing better to say right now.

seen over at is not chicago.

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10. What makes you come back here?

Thursday, June 3, 2004

thoughts on recent things i've seen/heard/read

LIT: oryx and crake.
love love love love margaret atwood. one of my top three favorite authors of all time. this book is GREAT. and it just came out in paperback, so you can get it cheap at costco and read it. (and if you haven't read a handmaids tale and alias grace yet, you are really missing out. great books.)

FILM: spellbound
my sister had to talk me into watching this the other day, because a documentary about a spelling bee sounded laaa-aaame. but it was actually FANTASTIC, like, REALLY FUCKING GOOD. you should go rent it now and watch it. go do it. now. go!
good timing, too, this year's spelling bee was this week - i watched the last 3 spellers duke it out on ESPN today. thrilling stuff - no sarcasm intended!

TV: a&e
city confidential, cold case files and american justice are my current faves... i just love crime documentaries, for some weird reason. airline is great too, and is esp. funny to me since i always fly southwest!
honarable mention goes to courtTV - i'm not really interested in trial coverage, but i love their shows... forensic files and the system are my favorites.

SONG: penny & me - hanson
back in the day, my mom bought me that first hanson cd as a joke. you know, the one with mmmbop on it. people made fun of me all the time for having it, and i probably could have sold it or threw it out or something, but aside from the annoying-but-really-catchy-song-that-everyone-ended-up-hating, the rest of it was pretty good. come on, those kids wrote all those songs! so anyway, saw the new video on mtv and the song is great. good harmony, fun lyrics, good song.

ART: hugh macleod
i love these little drawings. LOVE THEM. and as soon as this gem is available as a blog card i'm totally going to buy some.

ALBUM: Her Majesty the Decemberists
my sister hates all the indie music i listen to, she thinks it's all whiny. Colin Meloy is a little whiny, i'll admit, but his voice has something really unique in it, and no, i don't think it's his accent. i love this album, especially track 8, red right ankle(i broke my right ankle almost 10 years ago and it's got red scars on it from the surgery). anyway, there is something about this album that gets to me, but i can't pinpoint it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

I feel a bad moon rising

things were really really weird tonight... i got to youth group and things just went horribly, there was mass communication breakdown, i was annoyed, my friends were annoyed, someone has stopped talking to me for no apparent reason, and someone got right up in my face, all jerry springer style.

then i realized that it was a full moon and it all made more sense.

i just think it's lame that a good day can just go to shit like that for a few little things. i mean, today i went to the museum with my sister to see a really cool exhibit with a full size kitchen made of beads (click the images on the side....amazing!).
then i went to lunch with debbie, and went swimming (mmm, swimming), and finally, i stopped at old navy and got a new skirt.

so, a good day overall, i just wish that stupid things wouldn't pop up and ruin my day.

i've been a bit pessimistic lately, haven't i? it's not like me. i think i'm just having one of those weeks. but i just got my new dsl modem, and it's supposed to fix my speed issues, and fast download speeds make me happy, so hopefully by tomorrow i'll be a happy happy girl. ;-)