Thursday, February 28, 2002

cant... resist....

i really can't resist the urge to socialize.

tonight, for example, i went to see a show up on campus, and afterwards, everone decided to go to saturn. i'm super tired, i have to get up early for class tomorrow, and i have an excruciatingly long weekend ahead of me. so what do i do? i go to saturn and have a chocolate milkshake.

so now i'm extra tired, my lines still aren't memorized, and i'm not ready to leave on my trip tomorrow.

but it was a damn good milkshake.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002


yikes and yikes.

well, these girls no longer have any fashion sense. it's nice to see britney fully clothed, but it looks like she got her hair done by an egg beater. and christina looks like her dress got attacked by a mountain lion. i wonder if she was afraid her boobs were going to fall out of her dress? and for the love of god, get rid of that horrific wig... it's almost worse than the cornrows she had a while back.

so there you go... proof that looking good no longer matters in this society.

Saturday, February 23, 2002

cpoyright stuff

this is interesting - "a district court judge ruled friday that the five major record labels must prove they own thousands of music copyrights, and prove those copyrights weren't used to monopolize and stifle the distribution of digital music."

besides the bearing this has on the napster case, this could be a really great thing for the new recording artists coalition, who are fighting for, among other things, more fair copyright laws that give them ownership of their music (you can read a great article about it in the lastest rolling stone.

Friday, February 22, 2002

friday five!

(this post got all garbled, then it dissapeared, but now it is fixed. ok.)

friday five! (as you can see by the timestamp, i like cutting things very close.)

1. Hey, baby, what's your sign? Do you think it fits you pretty well? I'm a capricorn, and i think it suits me for the most part. capricorns are usually described as super work-driven people, and that's only the case when i really really care about something (and even then i leave it to the last minute). but i'm stubborn as hell, practical (well, to a point), and i'm a born leader, which are all cap qualities.

2. What's the worst birthday gift you've ever received? the chicken pox. no, seriously.

3. What's the best birthday gift you've ever received? i think the cd changer my grandparents got me this year is pretty great... ranks up there with the mary baxter-st.clair mermaid print my mom got me for my 21st birthday.

4. What's the best way you've celebrated your birthday thus far? well, i've never had a birthday celebration that went over the top, so most of mine sort of blend together... this year a bunch of people went bowling, which was really fun.

5. What are your plans for this weekend?
well, i'm going to see comedy sportz in san jose tomorrow, then on sunday it's off to the outlets!!

i'm expensive

i am worth exactly: $2,167,262.00

wow. no wonder i've been single for so long... no one can afford me!

Thursday, February 21, 2002

heeeeeeeeee hee hee

so, tonight was the whose line is it anyway? marathon at taylors house with the improv class, and i swear to god i haven't laughed that hard in a long long time! my face muscles still hurt.

when i said that my esp was on, i meant it, and i'm telling you, there are some weird vibes going on right now. not good, not bad, just... weird. i don't think i'll go into details, simply because i tend to blow things way out of proportion... plus, it just doesn't seem appropriate. (although if you ask me real nice at just the right time...) in the meantime, just send happy thoughts my way... and if this ever resolves itself i might write about it. we'll see.

i love the new alanis morisette song, hands clean. i'm fickle when it comes to alanis... i loved jagged little pill, but then lost interest... but i like her new stuff.

ok, it's late, i'm babbling, and i have to get up in 5 hours or something lame like that. i hate this. i'm not tired, and i want to keep writing, but i know that if i dont' go to sleep now i'll be a zombie in acting studio tomorrow. ugh. hate this. i suppose i'll listen to my rational mind and turn the damn computer off...

Wednesday, February 20, 2002


phew... busy week! me and katlynn had a blast this weekend... we went bowling and i broke 100 in two of our games! granted, the bumpers were up, but even with bumpers i've never broken 100. it was very exciting. also exciting... i stopped in at streetlight, which is usually bad because i spend way too much money on cd's. but i got lucky.. i got the soundtrack to so i married an ax murderer and juliana hatfield - become what you are for under six dollars!! considering i've wanted those cd's for ages, but could never bring myself to pay fulll price (or even used prices). so 2.95 and 1.95 (respectively) was a great find.

so, my esp must be on today... i knew who my scene partner was going to be as soon as my acting teacher started assigning scenes. it was one of those weird yet cool things. i told my acting teacher this and he wasn't surprised at all... he just laughed and said that we were going to have a lot of fun, and i think he's right. me and miles (that's my scene partner) have this very interesting energy when we work together... today we were playing 'stretch your face' (don't ask) and it was all we could do not to just laugh through the entire thing. it was a blast.

personal note.... ericalynn, i miss you!! and go look at lyg's page, there's a new entry!!

Saturday, February 16, 2002

rain sucks.

rain sucks. especially when you have to drive over 17.

i know this makes no sense to anyone who lives somewhere other than norcal, but highway 17 is an evil, evil road. and a lot of the people who drive on it are probably legally insane.

i drive over 17 at least once a week becasue i volunteer in san jose. tonight i was headed to see a play with my mom and spend the night, so tomorrow morning i can pick up katlynn and head back to santa cruz for a few days of waterlogged fun in the non-sun (again, rain sucks.)

so, it's raining really hard and it's foggy taboot, so i'm going about 45 and there are people flying past me going 70... i mean, 17 is a curvy mountain road with two lanes each way, and is totally notorious becasue there are a lot of really bad accidents up there, especially in bad weather. people drive like assholes on that road anyway, but i guess rain just makes people crazier.

i don't know about anyone else, but getting blinded by some idiot in a huge suv who's tailgating me all the way up the hill and who refuses to go around me is pretty damn annoying. and i'm not sure about this either, but i think getting in an accident on a dark, rainy mountain highway would be pretty scary. so why does everyone insist on driving like complete morons?

< /rant >

but anyway, i'm totally looking forward to the rest of the weekend, bowling, shopping, guitar playing, eating out and best of all, no school on monday!! woo-hoo! ;-)

Friday, February 15, 2002

friday five

friday five!

1. What was the first thing you ever cooked? you know, honestly, i don't remember. it was probably ramen... i was, and still am, a total ramen freak. i do remeber that around 7th grade i discovered that you could make bacon in the microwave. mmm, bacon.

2. What's your signature dish? i can make a lot of goopy, really tasty casseroles, but right now my specialty is a organic vegetarian pasta... penne with olive oil and black olive pesto, mixed with spinach, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, red bell peppers, olives and garlic, topped with parmesan and baked in the oven for just a few mintes to get the top crispy. great with alfaro's rosemary garlic sourdough and butter. ;-)

3. Ever had a cooking disaster? (tasted like crap, didn't work, etc.) Describe. well, once i was trying to make gravy for a fancy dinner party i was throwing, and misread the recipe... i added two cans of chickn broth rather than two cups. that went down the disposal, and we had butter on our potatos.

4. If skill and money were no object, what would make for your dream meal? my dream meal would be one where i was eating something that tasted good, surrounded by the people i love.

5. What are you doing this weekend? well, tomorrow i'm going to sleep until i wake up, and on sunday my friend katlynn is visiting me. should be fun.

happy anniversary!

I'd like to wish a big happy anniversary to miss ellen, who's been blogging for one year today!

go check her out, she's a cool chica.... plus she has a lovely new design, thanks to laura.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

more valentine stuff.

well, valentines day is drawing to a close, and i'm off to treat myself to sushi.

i had a fairly decent day. i handed out dorky kiddie valentines, i saw my friends, and i got chocolate (not too much better than that!)

time to go, but first, i'm going to dedicate a song to myself.

john mayer - love song to no one

miss cleo

wow, i'm really gald i never actually called miss cleo...

ftc says psychic hot line is fraud

Happy Valentines' Day!

happy valentines day, everybody!

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

no more drama

the first time i heard the mary j. blige song, no more drama, i thought it was nifty because it sampled the theme song of my soap opera.

the first time i saw the video, i bawled my eyes out. it was just one of those things, i guess... it really is a very good video, especically the part where she is in front of the tv screens... she really is letting out a lot of emotion and it really got to me, mosly because of something my acting teacher told us - "acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances".

you can watch the video here. you should do it.

baby taylor

so, i was all ready to sit down and write a "i'msogoddamnedsickofbeingsingleandvalentinesdaysucksassandnobodylovesme" post, but then my friend david wisely said, "don't do that, you'll jsut make yourself upset."

and you know, he's right! so instead i'm going to talk about my baby taylor.

can i just tell you how much i love my guitar?? it is so super cool, mostly because it's small... i have very small hands, which makes it hard to play regular sized guitars. the yamaha i have been playing for the last few months was great but i couldn't play half the chords i can play on my baby. it's really rather exciting. maybe someday when i can play a whole somg i'll record it and post it here. ;-)

Monday, February 11, 2002


still not much to say. i'm putting a lot of effort into catching up on e-mail.

i love the new diesel sweeties shirt. if i had more money i'd buy one.

i made the mistake of going into old navy today. i got a really really cute skirt and new sunglasses. luckily it was only 40 bucks... such a good deal! i love old navy.

Sunday, February 10, 2002


not much to say lately.

i'm trying to install search on the site, but it is a lot more involved than i thought. i also feel like it's about time to redesign, but i have no idea when i'm going to have time to do that.. let alone what i'm going to do. i was thinking about adding skins to the site, but it looks hard. i'm lazy lately... it might not even do any of this. ;-)

i have become the worst e-mailer ever. if i owe you an e-mail, i'm sorry. i'm working on it.

also, go see the royal tenenbaums. funny funny.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

acting is hazardous to your health.

acting is hazardoud to your health.

well, at least to my health. i don't know what it is, but i seem to be an injury magnet in my acting class. first it was a swift kick in the shins, then i got slugged in the ribs, and today, someone elbowed me in the side of the head (all accidents, but still... give me a fucking break).

have you ever had an elbow slam into your head? it SUCKS. it hurt really fucking bad for about 4 hours, i had to hold an ice pack to my head for half the day, my brain all but stopped functioning, and i didn't even get to do any work in my damn acting class!! it was really fun when my head started swelling... it's not really noticeable, but i have a bump on the right side of my head that is so sore and sensitive that i can't even run my fingers through my hair without wincing (washing my hair tonight was really fun).

i was rather proud of myself, though.. wednesday is my busiest day (i'm on campus from 10am to 9pm with a few sporadic breaks), and even though all i could think about was popping about 10 advil and crawing into bed, i stuck it out... i went to all my classes and didn't ditch work.

i guess my issue is this... i stayed in school an extra quarter to take this class, and i keep having to sit out because ovezealous freshman keep fucking hitting me. i mean, you can get into what your doing, you can give 100% to the task at hand, but that doesn't mean you disregard your concern for the saftey of those around you. i mean, the first few times it wasn't that big of a deal, but i seem to be the only one that's getting injured in class and i don't know how i'm suppposed to work on my acting if i'm worried that i'm going to get slugged.

hm. i wonder if i'm going to be able to sleep on my side tonight? let's see......... OW. guess not. ;-(

Monday, February 4, 2002

about 10 years ago...

stolen from renee and ericalynn.

about 10 years ago...
1. i was in seventh grade
2. i wasn't doing very well in school
3. i was a loner
4. i worked crew for my elementary schools' spring musical

about 5 years ago...
1. i was starting school at uc irvine
2. i was voice major
3. i hated school
4. i had a season pass to disneyland

about 2 years ago...
1. i officially became a ucsc student
2. i started liking school again
3. i was looking forward to seeing phish in vegas
4. i got my dvd player!

about 1 year ago...
1. i was living alone for the first time
2. i had a crush on a boy that never went anywhere
3. i was working run crew for translations
4. i learned how to knit!

1. i overslept and missed my acting class
2. i did my new dorky workout tapes for the second day in a row!
3. i get to have asian rose for dinner
4. i start working with my youth group again... yay!

Sunday, February 3, 2002

french kiss

no matter how many times i watch it, i totally love french kiss. and actually, i've been waching it quite often since comedy central's been playing it ever week or so.

i know it's cheezy, and not even that good of a movie, but i can't help it. i love kevin kline, and the ending is just too cute. i just love hokey romance movies. i mean, notting hill is one of my all time favorite movies, and i even liked fools rush in (but then again, i have a weakness for matthew perry). maybe it's the utter lack of romance in my own life that makes these movies so appealing to me. ;-)

Saturday, February 2, 2002


wow, it's 02.02.02.

reminds me of 8.8.88.... me and my sister and our neighbors had a party... we made a time capsule and said we would dig it up on 9.9.99. we didn't of course, becuase by then we had moved. i wonder what was in it?

in other news, i'm off to see a long-form improv show tonight... it should be really interesting. i love improv, but i absolutely suck at it... so i end up doing stage managing (i'm otherwise know as the organizatioal goddess), so i get to work with improv, but don't actually have to get on stage and make a fool of myself. ;-)

Friday, February 1, 2002

senior photos

a la laura, here they are - my senior photos!

i loved my senior quote... it just seemed so appropriate (if you can't read it, it says reluctantly crouched at the starting line). i didn't buy any of the school sponsored pictures because there was a place in town that took much nicer photos... plus you could wear whatever you wanted... most of my girlfriends got their photos done there. i made drastic changes in my hair in the three months between those photos (thank goodness... my har was so bland before!) and, you know, i still have that blue sweater.