Saturday, February 2, 2002


wow, it's 02.02.02.

reminds me of 8.8.88.... me and my sister and our neighbors had a party... we made a time capsule and said we would dig it up on 9.9.99. we didn't of course, becuase by then we had moved. i wonder what was in it?

in other news, i'm off to see a long-form improv show tonight... it should be really interesting. i love improv, but i absolutely suck at it... so i end up doing stage managing (i'm otherwise know as the organizatioal goddess), so i get to work with improv, but don't actually have to get on stage and make a fool of myself. ;-)


ericalynn said...

you gotta go find that time capsule! that is *awesome*. or go find it on october 10, 2010 ;)
i remember i was in summer camp and it was a girl's birthday in my bunk on 8.8.88. she was 11, though. would have been much cooler if she was turning 8 that day :)