Friday, February 1, 2002

senior photos

a la laura, here they are - my senior photos!

i loved my senior quote... it just seemed so appropriate (if you can't read it, it says reluctantly crouched at the starting line). i didn't buy any of the school sponsored pictures because there was a place in town that took much nicer photos... plus you could wear whatever you wanted... most of my girlfriends got their photos done there. i made drastic changes in my hair in the three months between those photos (thank goodness... my har was so bland before!) and, you know, i still have that blue sweater.


laura said...

ahh, jillian, you look so innocent and corruptable. ;-)

dramabug said...

innocent i may be, but corruptible i am not. ;-)

ericalynn said...

oh, you're corruptable.
laura, don't listen to her.