Sunday, April 29, 2007

i love Callie O'Malley

Sara Ramirez is hot. and did you know that girl can SING?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


ok, so this is terrifying in so many different ways. watch this:

ok, so, WHAT THE FUCK? about 700 things ran through my mind when i saw this. basically it breaks down to this:

if i had to listen to that girl talk like that for more than a minute i would want to tear my ears off. i mean, seriously. when she says she will steal clothes to keep her future kid in brand names, she says she will "STILLIT".
NO ONE's life dreams should include dropping out of school and being on girls gone wild.
and finally, that girl should NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A BABY. this is a great argument for forced birth control for teenagers.

Monday, April 16, 2007

i wish i was there right now...

Oahu Palms

Today work was lame. It's not like it was horrible, just really fucking tedious.
when I informed a customer that the person she was looking for was on a lunch break, she ACTUALLY said, "Well, she told me she was going to be here all day." Then the bitch huffed like she was soooo put out and then turned around and walked out before i could say anything. i hate people that do that.
anyway, who would honestly expect that someone would work ALL DAY without a lunch break?

sometimes i wonder what planet these people are from.

A year ago, i was just about dying of anticipation and literally counting the days until i would take off for Hawaii for the first time. it made the busy spring season speed by.
man, that trip was right up there in my top 5 vacations. i really need to go back there SOON.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

blurry holgas

Holga Matterhorn

I was so excited when i got my Holga (a toy camera made entirely out of plastic... even the lens) back in October. I lugged it out to Philly, down to LA and even took it out to Florida, but i didn't take any photos there. Then I let the damn thing sit in the house for two months!

i FINALLY dropped it off to get developed a few days ago (along w/ 3 other rolls.. i'm on a kick) and i've been trying to be patient but i couldn't WAIT to see how the pics turned out.

Got the film back today, and unfortunately, ALL the shots are totally blurry. I'm not sure what the deal is, but i think i *maaaybe* shot them all on the bulb setting, which means that the shutter stayed open as long as i held the button down. if this is the case, the fact that they came out at all is kinda amazing.
Blurriness aside, i am digging the square format a lot, and i love the vignetting in the corners.

This one of the Matterhorn is my favorite of the bunch.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

not sleepy

I realize i am setting myself up for disaster tomorrow night when i try to go to bed, but i am just not tired at all.
this is where weekends backfire on me, i plan on being productive but instead i do nothing but nap and play on the computer all day, then it gets to be 2am and at that point, why bother being productive??
So i guess I'll just stay awake and play Skyrates. whee!

also, i am currently obsessed wth mute math - their video for Typical is RIDICS.