Monday, April 16, 2007

i wish i was there right now...

Oahu Palms

Today work was lame. It's not like it was horrible, just really fucking tedious.
when I informed a customer that the person she was looking for was on a lunch break, she ACTUALLY said, "Well, she told me she was going to be here all day." Then the bitch huffed like she was soooo put out and then turned around and walked out before i could say anything. i hate people that do that.
anyway, who would honestly expect that someone would work ALL DAY without a lunch break?

sometimes i wonder what planet these people are from.

A year ago, i was just about dying of anticipation and literally counting the days until i would take off for Hawaii for the first time. it made the busy spring season speed by.
man, that trip was right up there in my top 5 vacations. i really need to go back there SOON.