Sunday, April 15, 2007

blurry holgas

Holga Matterhorn

I was so excited when i got my Holga (a toy camera made entirely out of plastic... even the lens) back in October. I lugged it out to Philly, down to LA and even took it out to Florida, but i didn't take any photos there. Then I let the damn thing sit in the house for two months!

i FINALLY dropped it off to get developed a few days ago (along w/ 3 other rolls.. i'm on a kick) and i've been trying to be patient but i couldn't WAIT to see how the pics turned out.

Got the film back today, and unfortunately, ALL the shots are totally blurry. I'm not sure what the deal is, but i think i *maaaybe* shot them all on the bulb setting, which means that the shutter stayed open as long as i held the button down. if this is the case, the fact that they came out at all is kinda amazing.
Blurriness aside, i am digging the square format a lot, and i love the vignetting in the corners.

This one of the Matterhorn is my favorite of the bunch.