Saturday, November 30, 2002

happy haunukkah!

so my goal of a redesign and a photolog by the end of the weekend is so not happening. damn.

i hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving. mine was pretty cool - i went to the beach, hung out with the fam, ate good food and was home by 7. all in all a great day. and to top it off, i got friday off!! 2 days off in a row! i think it was some sort of miracle. but yeah, thanksgiving at the beach was great... the weather was perfect and the unset was lovely... i got to experiment with my camera and all the different settings. i'll post the photos sometime soon...

so tonight, i'm going to not one, but 2 haunukkah parties. and i'm not even jewish! the first one is at my mom's friend's house... they're from israel, and they're pretty nice people. the other one is in SF, at amica's ( i know amica from HS.) i guess it's going to be packed... they're expecting about 40 people at a 2 bedroom apartment. i'm going to shoot some movies with my camera and make a little music video... (the thing doesn't record sound). should be fun.

thought for the day: looking for car insurance sucks. the end.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

pretty, but also kinda sad.

sunrise in santa cruz.
click to see the bigger picture.

it's mornings like this when i really love having a digital camera... i can take amazing photos and share them with anyone i want... the same day! without paying for developing!! although, really, how sad is it that i was up early enough to photograph the sunrise? i know, not sad for some people, but i am not a morning person. thank god i don't have to go to work until 8 tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

damn, it's too early.

now, normally i don't get up at 8 am on my day off, but today i am going out with my very oldest friend, heather, who is also very pregnant. we are going to a tea house. to have tea. all victorian style. FUN! ;-) i also have baby presents for her, which is also fun.

then later today i'm going to the cheesecake factory with my fam, because they finally opened one in san jose. all hail the cheesecake factory gods! (i will order a piece of linda's fudge cake and eat it while thinking of ericalynn.)

that's probably it from me today, becasue after 6pm i will most likely be in a food coma.

Monday, November 18, 2002

stream of conciousness

ugh. i hate being sick. i skipped work on friday beacuse of it, which means my paycheck is going to be pathetic yet again this week, and i feel like i can't get anything done. case in point - today i was going to go to the gym after work, but i forgot my gym stuff not once, not twice, but three times. i left it at home when i left for work this morning, i forgot to grab it when i was home at lunch, and then when i came home to get it after work, i spaced out and ended up at carpo's having dinner with donna. not a bad outcome, but damn! what the hell!

this site needs a redesign. no, more like an overhaul. i have a fabulous design planned, but i can't get it to work. once i get it to work, though... watch out! i want to totally revamp stuff... i have a new digital camera, so a real photolog is something i need to set up. anyone have any tips?

my new favorite band is the Old 97's. i have decided that i must own every single one of their albums by next week. ooh!!! and they're on furthernet too! i think now i have to go download shows obsessively.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002


well, i didn't mean to keep all... well, all two of you waiting... ;-) our mystery man is none other than corey feldman!


my mom and i had tickets to see a midnight showing of the goonies at the del mar last weekend, and 'mouth' himself mad a personal appearance, and answered questions and such. it was very cool. and of course, since i have a new digital camera (yay) i was able to snap some photos. the little question and answer thing he did was cool, and of course, seeing goonies on the big screen was fabulous. beyond fabulous. amazing. that movie is definetly in my top 10 of all time.

oh, and there might be something happy going on in my job hunt - think happy thoughts for me!!

Sunday, November 10, 2002


experimenting with the scan feature on my camera, which takes better pictures in low light.

Archived Comments:

gabe: This is the most disturbing picture I've ever seen.  (01/21/2003 10:52:17 PM)

d dogg: what's disturbing is that the camera was on the "normal" setting.  that's how we look on the planet Shama Sheems.  (01/22/2003 09:32:57 PM)

man in black

who is the mysterious man in black??

any guesses?? (if you already know the answer, don't spoil it!)

more on this later.