Thursday, November 21, 2002

pretty, but also kinda sad.

sunrise in santa cruz.
click to see the bigger picture.

it's mornings like this when i really love having a digital camera... i can take amazing photos and share them with anyone i want... the same day! without paying for developing!! although, really, how sad is it that i was up early enough to photograph the sunrise? i know, not sad for some people, but i am not a morning person. thank god i don't have to go to work until 8 tomorrow.


Dyanna said...

Truly breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

db said...

that's the most gorgeous thing i've seen in a long time. wow. too bad it's foggy and nasty over here on the other side of the hill every morning. no pretty sunrises for us.

GoalieGirl said...


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Shawn said...

Beautiful photo! Reminds me of sunrises I'd watch when I was 7 or 8. :)
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!