Tuesday, November 19, 2002

damn, it's too early.

now, normally i don't get up at 8 am on my day off, but today i am going out with my very oldest friend, heather, who is also very pregnant. we are going to a tea house. to have tea. all victorian style. FUN! ;-) i also have baby presents for her, which is also fun.

then later today i'm going to the cheesecake factory with my fam, because they finally opened one in san jose. all hail the cheesecake factory gods! (i will order a piece of linda's fudge cake and eat it while thinking of ericalynn.)

that's probably it from me today, becasue after 6pm i will most likely be in a food coma.


laura said...

posted twice in 12 hours?? whoa, the world is weird today!!

ericalynn said...

oh my god, LFC is so good.

dramabug said...

yes, the world is definetly weird today. even i feel weird posting so often! maybe i just needed a little break, i feel like i have things to say again.
and yes, LFC is to die for. yum.

Imelda said...

White chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake, baby all the way!!!!