Thursday, February 20, 2003

gimme some moe. baby!

phew! it's been a busy week!

work is, beleive it or not, getting better. we have a new manager who actually knows how to manage, plus he changed the schedule so i can come in at 8 again, instead of 7:30. this makes me very very happy. i never realized how much difference a half an hour of sleep can make. plus i'm really pretty amazed that work is getting better... i mean, it's still not my thing and i can't wait to find something better, but for now, it'll do.

tomorrow is going to be a good day... after work, i'm jumping in my car and buzzing up to the fillmore to see moe.!! i am sooooo excited - i love moe. and last time they were here in cali, i was broke. this will be the first time i've seen them since 2000! then tomorrow, a long overdue haircut, a pedicure, and debbie and jon's pisces party. i can't wait.

oh - cool new band alert.... minus the bear. alex told me about them and i am totally obsessed now. check out thanks for the killer game of crisco twister. best song i've heard in a long time. it will rock your socks off.

Friday, February 14, 2003

happy valentines day to me!

well, i'm proud to say that this is my 8th consecutive *single* valentines day. i'm actually past the point of it being depressing... i mean, the whole thing is a fabricated holiday developed by hallmark so they could make a zillion dollars on cards. i figure at the very least i'm saving myself some money. ;-)

i do treat myself to something special on v-day, though! i think this year, now that i'm home from work, i'll take a long, hot shower, slather myself in some yummy smelling lotion, and curl up in bed with popcorn and a good movie. maybe clerks. or margaret cho... we'll see.

actually, valentines day is never really depressing becasue it's my buddy donna's birthday!! so, happy 24th, d! hope you're having a blast in ohio!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

so fresh so clean

today was a day from hell. you know, one of those days that goes from blah to lame to sucky to mind-numbingly awful. i was so happy when work was over that i went out and bought myself a pint of haagen dazs. mmm.

as pissed as i am about frenchie getting kicked off american idol, i think in the end this will work in her favor. she's going to get so much media attention in the next few days, and she'll probably be signed by the american idol folks or someone else. you know, there is really no such thing as bad press.

i suggest going to if you wan't to protest her removal from the show, they've collected addresses, names and phone numbers for all the important people. i reccomend writing to the sponsors of american idol as well (coke, old navy, herbal essences, att wireless, ford) and tell them that you'll no longer be buying their products. but skip signing the online petition, those don't work.

it rained in santa cruz today. and now everything smells fresh and clean.

this is good. i could use a clean start tomorrow. ;-)

Saturday, February 8, 2003

random thoughts.

somehow, and i'm not sure how it happened, but i am the number one search result when you search yahoo for frenchie davis. ?? so, so strange. and wouldn't you think that the american idol website would be in the top 20? nope. strange. very strange. see for yourself!

tonight i am going to see chicago with d and renee. i am excited. see, i love love love musicals. i love movie musicals more. i am very excited about the return of the movie musical... there is no where else where people can get away with reaking into song than in a dark theater, and so few people go to see real theater, so movie musicals can bring this to many more people.... plus there are things you just can't do in a live show, so the movie versions of musicals are a bit more spectacular, and we all know that spectacle = goodness. ;-)

i think i am babbling. i have a great idea for a redesign (this one is just for the interim... ) but it will take a while... it's a challenge, so i like it. ;-) anyway, we'll see how long it takes.

UPDATE, 2/12/03
ok, so i am really pissed about frenchie getting kicked off amerian idol.
i, for one, will no longer be watching the show, since she was the only one worth watching it for.

Sunday, February 2, 2003

i love tv

mmm, i love tv.

caught the premier of dragnet tonight. it was really good. of course, i haven't seen the original (gasp!) so i don't really have anything to compare it with... but i really enjoyed it. it reminded me a lot of law and order (which i love), so i wan't surprised to see that dick wolf was the producer.

and isn't law and order addictive? man, i (fondly) remember when i was unemployed, and i'd watch law and order 4 or 5 times a day. even now that i'm workign full time, i still manage to watch law and order at least 3 or 4 times a week! my favorite right now is criminal intent... vincent d'onofrio is so hot! i love the crazy genius type. ;-)

speaking of tv - oh my god, i LOVE american idol. my money's on frenchie davis all the way... not only does she have that diva presence, but holy shit, she can SING! so, i expect everyone to call and vote for her at least once every time she performs. . ;-)

in reveiw: dragnet - good. american idol - better. frenchie davis - fabulous. so... go forth and vote! ;-)