Friday, February 14, 2003

happy valentines day to me!

well, i'm proud to say that this is my 8th consecutive *single* valentines day. i'm actually past the point of it being depressing... i mean, the whole thing is a fabricated holiday developed by hallmark so they could make a zillion dollars on cards. i figure at the very least i'm saving myself some money. ;-)

i do treat myself to something special on v-day, though! i think this year, now that i'm home from work, i'll take a long, hot shower, slather myself in some yummy smelling lotion, and curl up in bed with popcorn and a good movie. maybe clerks. or margaret cho... we'll see.

actually, valentines day is never really depressing becasue it's my buddy donna's birthday!! so, happy 24th, d! hope you're having a blast in ohio!!


Maddy said...

Good for you - treat yourself to a good day full of all the stuff you like. I like that idea myself! Take care! xoxo