Wednesday, February 12, 2003

so fresh so clean

today was a day from hell. you know, one of those days that goes from blah to lame to sucky to mind-numbingly awful. i was so happy when work was over that i went out and bought myself a pint of haagen dazs. mmm.

as pissed as i am about frenchie getting kicked off american idol, i think in the end this will work in her favor. she's going to get so much media attention in the next few days, and she'll probably be signed by the american idol folks or someone else. you know, there is really no such thing as bad press.

i suggest going to if you wan't to protest her removal from the show, they've collected addresses, names and phone numbers for all the important people. i reccomend writing to the sponsors of american idol as well (coke, old navy, herbal essences, att wireless, ford) and tell them that you'll no longer be buying their products. but skip signing the online petition, those don't work.

it rained in santa cruz today. and now everything smells fresh and clean.

this is good. i could use a clean start tomorrow. ;-)


Chris said...

I think that it is all Bullshit.. THey let that white girl on Joe millionair stay on even thought she did porn i think its about colour.

suppa duppa said...

I only wish i could find those frenchie pics. All i get is this website when i search yahoo. A pox on yahoo and their entire family.
Back to zee work ahora,
Will take up the quest for the frenchie pics at a later date. Note that frenchie is all that foxy, but hey...its something to do. And to think i didn't give a rat's ass about frenchie before delivered such high caliber news to my email account.
That's what i can topical news. There are like 30 headlines on supposedly delivers important news for the entire world [like a couple billion people] and a story about frenchie, the lot so hot chick that flashed some boobies a while back is all of a sudden hot news. So much for priorities. Guess that says a lot.
Maybe i should flash some boobies and learn to sing...then i'd get my 15,000hits of fame too.
Probably won't work though...since i'm not a chick and most likely my boobies won't scandalize me at all.
Oh well...i guess i better stick to my original plan of becoming famous by being a playboy billionaire that dies in a horrific goat accident.
So y'all look out for that ya hear. In about ten months (depending on how the stock market heats up) you'll be able to see me on and read about how my four supermodel girlfriends are mourning over my passing due to that previously alluded to goat incident.

suppa again said...

damn....that's why every body recommends that you proof read your shit.
just ignore that garbled mess, i can't even understand it.

Amy said...

Some people have compared Frenchie to the Joe Millionare girl - I think that's a poor example because the Millionare girl did not take her close off - she only shows her feet for people who have a foot fetish.
Now, the singer from last years American Idol competition - I can't remember her name, she was the one with the more gothic/industrial look - she used to strip for money to support her daughter! If they let that girl stay then Frenchie needs to come back.

Christie said...

For the first comment saying it's about color the reason Frenchie was voted off. I dont believe she was thrown off because of the color of her skin. She was voted off because she will be setting an example for young people to follow. What is the younger generation going to think. Do a porn site and get famous. When times get tough you work through them. You dont sell yourself and your body short! However, they are porn stars making music these days. It's all in what "American Idol" has their standards as.

Darrell said...

joe ia really a millionair and doesn't know it yet, what do you think?