Thursday, October 31, 2002

definetly a trick.

happy halloween, all!

i think someone is playing a trick on me... i haven't gotten a single e-mail all day. not one. not even spam. there is definetly somehting strange going on!

so, it being halloween and all, i was excited about going downtown to see all the crazy people dressed up. dowtown sc is a great place to go for halloween - it reminds me of west hollywood, but much much much smaller. so, i'm all hyped up, and then i wake up this morning with a horrible migraine, so i have to call in sick to work... i manage to get in for a half day (i need the $$) and by this time i'm feeling tired and icky. my sister is giving me a hard time about not going out, so i got dressed, put on all my makeup, and then i deceided i wasn't going out, so i took a shower and watched will and grace. it was nice.

i have a confession to make... i bought the new christina aguilera cd on tuesday. actually, that's not so much of a confession since everyone knows i like her anyway. but yeah, the cd is great. way way way better than i expected it to be. (i'm watching jay leno and he just made a great joke... 'if you don't know what to wear for halloween, just go naked and say you're christina aguilera.' hah!) so yeah, i don't really expect anyone to beleive me, but i'll say it anyway, the cd is good. go listen to it, or not. ;-)

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

eeew, work!

god, i barely have time to recover from training and then i have to go back to work!! *shudder*.

so, i've decided that i really don't like my job and i'd like to quit. of course, with the constant flow of money, i've gone a bit crazy, and now i can't really quit my job unless i want to cancel my cable and phone and dsl and start living on ramen. of course, i don't even have the option of quitting the gym, which is great for motivation, but lousy if the money stops. never mind the fact that they just spent almost a thousand dollars sending me to training. although, the fact that my boss is a jackass sort of negates any guilt i would feel about that.

so, now starts the fun - spedning my days off looking for another job! actually, i'm also looking into going back to school to get a teaching credential... there's a program in scotts valley that i'm trying to get more info on. hopefully i can start in january.

anyway, tonight i met up with d and renee and went to watch renee's martial arts class. it's called eskrima, and it's pretty cool. me and d are thinking of joining the class... although i'm not sure i could handle it because they work with knives (fake knives, of course) and i'm not sure i could have somoene swinging a knife at me without freaking out, fake or no. plus it costs money, and i'm not sure i want to spend another $40 bucks a month. although, i could just stop buying shit at bare escentuals... hmmm. anyway, we're going back in a few weeks to watch the real teacher (he was out of town tonight). might be interesting.

Sunday, October 20, 2002


i'm sore and tired, but damn, this was a great weekend!

saturday, my mom and i got up at 5 am to fly out to orange county. we got in out rental car and drove straight to disneyland! we got there about 9:15, rode the shuttle in, and bought our tickets for dineyland and california adventure. as we were waiting to go into disneyland, the man in front of us asked us if we wanted to be his guests... basically he had some sot of annual pass thing where he could get himself plus 3 other people into the parks, and it was just him and his daughter that day.. so, basically, we got in totally free. it was so cool.

we had a great time - we went on indiana jones and the haunted mansion holiday (they re-did the ride with a nightmare before christmas theme), had lunch in new orleans square, wandered around california adventure and rode soaring over california, possibly the coolest ride i've ever been on, ever. we had dinner at the rainforest cafe, watched parts of game one on the big screens they had set up while we shopped at downtown disney, went back to california adventure and hung out some more, saw the end of the electrical parade, went back into disneyland, rode pirates, saw the end of fantasmic, rode a few more rides, and finally left at about 1245 am. it was a really long day, but really really fun. it was also neat to be so close to the world series... even though we were surrounded by angels fans. every time we saw anyone wearing orange and black, we'd yell "go Giants!", and they'd yell right back. it was great. so anyway, we got back to the hotel around 115, went to sleep around two, and walked out of the hotel at 8am to get breakfast and catch our flight back to san jose.

crazy, huh?

almost as crazy as the game today - so exciting i could hardly stand it!! i don't normally watch basball, but damn! i couldn't stop! ;-)

ugh, i go back to training tomorrow... waah. long boring days learning stuff i already know, sleeping in a strange hotel, eating icky fast food and no internet access. shoot me now. well, at least there's cable!

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

training sucks

training sucks frozen hose water.

that is all.

Saturday, October 12, 2002


i have a problem.

i have no more room on my bookshelves.

i can't help the fact that every time i go into bookshop i end up buying something!! tonight i bought five books... the boy next door, the fig eater, their eyes were watching god, icy sparks, and altar music.

add white oleander, the wind up bird chronicle, a desert in bohemia, man crazy, the master of all desires, gospel, and the feast of love (which i'm reading right now), i'll be busy for a while!!

i'm going to bring about 5 of these, plus all my knitting, to 'training'. without having to worry about laundry or dishes or cleaning, i can devote my time to the good things in life - books, yarn, tv and sleep! though i do hope the hotel i end up in has a gym. ;-)

Thursday, October 10, 2002


so, my mom jokes that my job is like a cult, because they keep sending me to 'training'. it's all really funny... talking about the 'company way', etc etc. all really hysterical. so, there's this notorious 2 week training class, where they put you up in a hotel, give you a perdiem, etc. i haven't gone yet, for all sorts of reasons, but today they told me that i start my training on monday.
i was pissed at first, becasue i didn't appreciate having to drop eveything in my life to go to a class 2 hours away from home where i'm already going to know everything anyway! but then i was thinking, not only do i get my own room in a hotel (with free hbo, yay) and something like $25 a day to buy food, but i'd have the whole weekend off, from friday at 5 until monday morning around 10!

i was telling my boss how fun it would be to hop a plane and get the hell out of here for a day or two.

so, i bought two plane tickets and a hotel room and me and my mom are flying to orange county for a day to go to disneyland. ;-)

fun! i can't wait!

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

real world, my ass.

nowhere in the 'real world' have i heard of people being provided with a gorgeous, furnished place to live (basically for free) cush jobs handded to them on a silver planner, and all kinds of free prizes and trips to cool places. of course on the Real World (note the caps) people get exactly this, and then bitch that they don't like their job PLANNING PARTIES. whatever.

regardless of all this, i'm all over this season of real world. my and my housemate have nicknamed it skank time, becasue that's basically what it is. it's really fun to watch and make fun of everyone. what i don't understand is why everone is drooling all over the man-whore (steven). he's not even that cute, and he's obviously dumber than a bag of hair. trichelle cracks me up, too - everone talks about how she's so innovent... HA! innocent my ass... she's a skank in sheeps-clothing. frank is... well, boring. so is alton, so far. irulan and arissa are getting more interesting as time goes by. and brynn! she is a whiny, irresponsibe, arrogant, selfish spoiled brat.

the great thing about watching the whole season of real world is that these people really do tend to change throughout the whole thing... and usually they change for the better. i'm curious to see what i think of all these people at the end of the season.

mmm, gotta love trash tv!