Sunday, October 20, 2002


i'm sore and tired, but damn, this was a great weekend!

saturday, my mom and i got up at 5 am to fly out to orange county. we got in out rental car and drove straight to disneyland! we got there about 9:15, rode the shuttle in, and bought our tickets for dineyland and california adventure. as we were waiting to go into disneyland, the man in front of us asked us if we wanted to be his guests... basically he had some sot of annual pass thing where he could get himself plus 3 other people into the parks, and it was just him and his daughter that day.. so, basically, we got in totally free. it was so cool.

we had a great time - we went on indiana jones and the haunted mansion holiday (they re-did the ride with a nightmare before christmas theme), had lunch in new orleans square, wandered around california adventure and rode soaring over california, possibly the coolest ride i've ever been on, ever. we had dinner at the rainforest cafe, watched parts of game one on the big screens they had set up while we shopped at downtown disney, went back to california adventure and hung out some more, saw the end of the electrical parade, went back into disneyland, rode pirates, saw the end of fantasmic, rode a few more rides, and finally left at about 1245 am. it was a really long day, but really really fun. it was also neat to be so close to the world series... even though we were surrounded by angels fans. every time we saw anyone wearing orange and black, we'd yell "go Giants!", and they'd yell right back. it was great. so anyway, we got back to the hotel around 115, went to sleep around two, and walked out of the hotel at 8am to get breakfast and catch our flight back to san jose.

crazy, huh?

almost as crazy as the game today - so exciting i could hardly stand it!! i don't normally watch basball, but damn! i couldn't stop! ;-)

ugh, i go back to training tomorrow... waah. long boring days learning stuff i already know, sleeping in a strange hotel, eating icky fast food and no internet access. shoot me now. well, at least there's cable!


Dyanna said...

That sounds like an awesome time! I'm glad you had fun :)

d said...

it was torture. the game, i mean.
and the niners. i wanted to vow never to watch sports again after yesterday. waaaah.
call me sometime when you've got a break from hell-- i mean, training.