Wednesday, October 30, 2002

eeew, work!

god, i barely have time to recover from training and then i have to go back to work!! *shudder*.

so, i've decided that i really don't like my job and i'd like to quit. of course, with the constant flow of money, i've gone a bit crazy, and now i can't really quit my job unless i want to cancel my cable and phone and dsl and start living on ramen. of course, i don't even have the option of quitting the gym, which is great for motivation, but lousy if the money stops. never mind the fact that they just spent almost a thousand dollars sending me to training. although, the fact that my boss is a jackass sort of negates any guilt i would feel about that.

so, now starts the fun - spedning my days off looking for another job! actually, i'm also looking into going back to school to get a teaching credential... there's a program in scotts valley that i'm trying to get more info on. hopefully i can start in january.

anyway, tonight i met up with d and renee and went to watch renee's martial arts class. it's called eskrima, and it's pretty cool. me and d are thinking of joining the class... although i'm not sure i could handle it because they work with knives (fake knives, of course) and i'm not sure i could have somoene swinging a knife at me without freaking out, fake or no. plus it costs money, and i'm not sure i want to spend another $40 bucks a month. although, i could just stop buying shit at bare escentuals... hmmm. anyway, we're going back in a few weeks to watch the real teacher (he was out of town tonight). might be interesting.