Thursday, October 31, 2002

definetly a trick.

happy halloween, all!

i think someone is playing a trick on me... i haven't gotten a single e-mail all day. not one. not even spam. there is definetly somehting strange going on!

so, it being halloween and all, i was excited about going downtown to see all the crazy people dressed up. dowtown sc is a great place to go for halloween - it reminds me of west hollywood, but much much much smaller. so, i'm all hyped up, and then i wake up this morning with a horrible migraine, so i have to call in sick to work... i manage to get in for a half day (i need the $$) and by this time i'm feeling tired and icky. my sister is giving me a hard time about not going out, so i got dressed, put on all my makeup, and then i deceided i wasn't going out, so i took a shower and watched will and grace. it was nice.

i have a confession to make... i bought the new christina aguilera cd on tuesday. actually, that's not so much of a confession since everyone knows i like her anyway. but yeah, the cd is great. way way way better than i expected it to be. (i'm watching jay leno and he just made a great joke... 'if you don't know what to wear for halloween, just go naked and say you're christina aguilera.' hah!) so yeah, i don't really expect anyone to beleive me, but i'll say it anyway, the cd is good. go listen to it, or not. ;-)


Dyanna said...

I confess... I think I'm gonna buy the CD... I hope I like it! :)