Sunday, March 30, 2003

happiness is a cherry slurpee

today after work, i stopped at 7-11 and got my first cherry slurpee of the year... welcome to spring!

spring in santa cruz is a lot like fall in santa cruz, which are both remarkably like summer in santa cruz, except with less tourists. and now that the sun is out and it's not cold anymore, it's time to start packing my lunch and walking to the beach on my lunch break! on friday i went down to the wharf and had clam chowder and a shrimp cocktail at riva, and followed it up with a little window shopping and an ice cream cone at marini's. it was the nicest, most relaxing lunch break i've had since i started this job 7 months ago. i'll definetly be doing that again soon (but i'll skip lunch at riva... that place is definetly overrated).

cherry slurpees are definetly one of those foods that brings back memories (but is a slurpee really food? i digress...). senior year of high school, me and d would get cherry slurpees after musical rehearsal... after youth group, a bunch of people would drive to the 7-11 and get slurpees and sit on the curb. the best time to have a slurpee is after 10 pm, the best thing about slurpees is mixing them (i prefer cherry coke, myself), the worst thing about slurpees is that they melt way too fast! on that note, time to go throw mine in the freezer so i can enjoy it later!

Thursday, March 27, 2003

give me a reason...

i am having motivational problems lately.

every day i get up with grand ambitions of what i will do that day, and i inevitably end up working, coming home exhausted, making dinner, and crawling into bed around 10:30.

i figure that my days off will be a bit more productive, since i don't have the tedious ten-hour chore of working, but nooo. i sleep in, and rarely get in the shower before 4pm. granted, i still get more done on my days off than on other days, but still! i have so much to do and no energy to do any of it!

it's really sad, i don't even have enough motivation to sit down and write to my best friend in philly, whom i havent' talked to in months. now if that's not sad, i don't know what is.


i am out of diet coke. this is not good, as i have taken to buying sodas from the machine across the street from my work, which does not have any diet soda at all. we have bottled water at work, and i know i should drink that. oh, if only water had caffiene in it.


i'll admit he was never my favorite member of *nsync. i was a fan of JC myself. but after seeing the rolling stone photos ( yum yum), and now the new video, i must admit it. justin timberlake is HOT. maybe it's the goatee. hmmm.

Friday, March 21, 2003

so much to say, so little time.

it's not like i don't have things to say lately.

on the contrary, i have a billion things running through my head, and every time i try to sit down and write, i just can't. it's very strange. i hate writers block.

the other day i was sitting on my couch, watching all the war coverage, and i was having flashbacks to when i was twelve. the first gulf war started two days before my twelfth bithday, and i remember being really upset. i'm no less upset about it this time, but i can't even begin to put my thoughts into words, becasue i'm very conflicted about the whole thing. but i will say that war sucks.

tomorrow will be fun, though, because i am going to a coustume party. i am very excited, because my friend amica has great parties. i have the best costume ever... i am going as queen of the fucking universe. oh yeah. ;-) i can't wait to see what everyone else is dressed up as, but i can't think of anything that will be better than queen of the fucking universe. the fact that i have sunday off work will make the party even more enjoyable. ;-)

i am so tempted to but the vines cd, simply becasue the cover art is so damn cool. i also want to get the zwan cd. billy corgan is super cool.

anoyone have any great music they've heard lately that i should buy/download/listen to?

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

procrastination station

i really, really need to do my taxes.

and go to the store. and do laundry. and clean my room. but of course, i am not doing any of these things, i am reading and listening to my new cd's. see, books and music have always been my preferred mode of procrastination. i remember being a teenager and getting in trouble for reading instead of doing... whatever it was i was supposed to be doing.

so now, i have all these things i should be doing, but last week i stopped by the bookshop and picked up three new books - the 25th hour, written by my creative writing t.a. from UCI, my date with satan, (short stories) and a first edition advance readers copy of bee season. i wo'nt even go into the seven or eight others in my 'to read' pile!

add to that the 9 cd's i got this weekend, and i'm just in heaven. i can't see my floor, but i'm in heaven!

i've also been killing myself on my days off, trekking all over the bay are to see shows. first moe, then dark star at the fillmore, and this past saturday i went to see a triple-bill at the catalyst... the thermals, the velvet teen, and death cab for cutie. i was going primarily to see death cab, and i had never heard of teh other two bands, as i'm not really so much into indie rock (if that's what you call it.. i never know). i liked the first song that the thermals did, but after that, it quickly fell into the 'every damn song sounds the same' category. the velvet teen was up next, and i liked them a lot. the lead singer has a jeff buckley quality to his voice, which was very cool. and death cab for cutie was awesome, of course. the show went late, and i had to work the next morning, but it was all worth it.

and on that note, in youth group, me and the other 'grown-ups' have a motto... "if it wasn't for the very last second, nothing would ever get done'. ;-) amen!