Tuesday, March 11, 2003

procrastination station

i really, really need to do my taxes.

and go to the store. and do laundry. and clean my room. but of course, i am not doing any of these things, i am reading and listening to my new cd's. see, books and music have always been my preferred mode of procrastination. i remember being a teenager and getting in trouble for reading instead of doing... whatever it was i was supposed to be doing.

so now, i have all these things i should be doing, but last week i stopped by the bookshop and picked up three new books - the 25th hour, written by my creative writing t.a. from UCI, my date with satan, (short stories) and a first edition advance readers copy of bee season. i wo'nt even go into the seven or eight others in my 'to read' pile!

add to that the 9 cd's i got this weekend, and i'm just in heaven. i can't see my floor, but i'm in heaven!

i've also been killing myself on my days off, trekking all over the bay are to see shows. first moe, then dark star at the fillmore, and this past saturday i went to see a triple-bill at the catalyst... the thermals, the velvet teen, and death cab for cutie. i was going primarily to see death cab, and i had never heard of teh other two bands, as i'm not really so much into indie rock (if that's what you call it.. i never know). i liked the first song that the thermals did, but after that, it quickly fell into the 'every damn song sounds the same' category. the velvet teen was up next, and i liked them a lot. the lead singer has a jeff buckley quality to his voice, which was very cool. and death cab for cutie was awesome, of course. the show went late, and i had to work the next morning, but it was all worth it.

and on that note, in youth group, me and the other 'grown-ups' have a motto... "if it wasn't for the very last second, nothing would ever get done'. ;-) amen!


donnalicious said...

Woooo, girl, this is some slick design. I digs! Also, I found your self-description very spot-on. You forgot a few traits, however. I'd add "Santa Cruz Navigator" and "Tech support guru for panicked ignorants like D.B."

me again said...

one more -- schmoo, where's your photo blog? you gonna keep it?

me said...

thanks, yo - i'm diggin on the design myself. let's see how long it is until i get sick of it!! ;-)
and thanks for the heads up on the missing link... i realized today that i left a bunch of stuff out. ;-)

Dyanna said...

Holy crap, this looks GREAT!!! :)

Casey Bex said...

This rocks!

miss ellen said...

i like! good job, lady :)