Thursday, February 20, 2003

gimme some moe. baby!

phew! it's been a busy week!

work is, beleive it or not, getting better. we have a new manager who actually knows how to manage, plus he changed the schedule so i can come in at 8 again, instead of 7:30. this makes me very very happy. i never realized how much difference a half an hour of sleep can make. plus i'm really pretty amazed that work is getting better... i mean, it's still not my thing and i can't wait to find something better, but for now, it'll do.

tomorrow is going to be a good day... after work, i'm jumping in my car and buzzing up to the fillmore to see moe.!! i am sooooo excited - i love moe. and last time they were here in cali, i was broke. this will be the first time i've seen them since 2000! then tomorrow, a long overdue haircut, a pedicure, and debbie and jon's pisces party. i can't wait.

oh - cool new band alert.... minus the bear. alex told me about them and i am totally obsessed now. check out thanks for the killer game of crisco twister. best song i've heard in a long time. it will rock your socks off.


meegan said...

a manager that knows how to manage? *gasp* you mean there is such a thing? ;)