Sunday, March 30, 2003

happiness is a cherry slurpee

today after work, i stopped at 7-11 and got my first cherry slurpee of the year... welcome to spring!

spring in santa cruz is a lot like fall in santa cruz, which are both remarkably like summer in santa cruz, except with less tourists. and now that the sun is out and it's not cold anymore, it's time to start packing my lunch and walking to the beach on my lunch break! on friday i went down to the wharf and had clam chowder and a shrimp cocktail at riva, and followed it up with a little window shopping and an ice cream cone at marini's. it was the nicest, most relaxing lunch break i've had since i started this job 7 months ago. i'll definetly be doing that again soon (but i'll skip lunch at riva... that place is definetly overrated).

cherry slurpees are definetly one of those foods that brings back memories (but is a slurpee really food? i digress...). senior year of high school, me and d would get cherry slurpees after musical rehearsal... after youth group, a bunch of people would drive to the 7-11 and get slurpees and sit on the curb. the best time to have a slurpee is after 10 pm, the best thing about slurpees is mixing them (i prefer cherry coke, myself), the worst thing about slurpees is that they melt way too fast! on that note, time to go throw mine in the freezer so i can enjoy it later!


Dyanna said...

I prefer Icees, but cherry *anything* rocks the house! :)

schmoo said...

schmoo. i want a cherry slurpee NOW. i'm falling asleep here at work and i need to do something fun.
tonight's my first italian class. io non parlo italiano... but i guess i'll learn back all that i've forgotten, eh?
btw, the link to your photoblog says "photblog". dunno if that's intentional. =)
call ya lates

shannon said...

wow, I luv your banner picture on the top! Did you do that with photoshop? That program's so amazing. I wish my computer wasn't a museum artifact so that I could use the dang program. :(
btw, I know the rain's been sucky lately here in Santa Cruz County, but atleast it's not as bad as January, eh? :) I can't wait till summer!

paisley said...

hey sweet mama!
just wanted to let ya know my blog has moved
you can find me @ :

donna said...

Love the pretty new design. so calming.
poop nazi!!