Thursday, October 10, 2002


so, my mom jokes that my job is like a cult, because they keep sending me to 'training'. it's all really funny... talking about the 'company way', etc etc. all really hysterical. so, there's this notorious 2 week training class, where they put you up in a hotel, give you a perdiem, etc. i haven't gone yet, for all sorts of reasons, but today they told me that i start my training on monday.
i was pissed at first, becasue i didn't appreciate having to drop eveything in my life to go to a class 2 hours away from home where i'm already going to know everything anyway! but then i was thinking, not only do i get my own room in a hotel (with free hbo, yay) and something like $25 a day to buy food, but i'd have the whole weekend off, from friday at 5 until monday morning around 10!

i was telling my boss how fun it would be to hop a plane and get the hell out of here for a day or two.

so, i bought two plane tickets and a hotel room and me and my mom are flying to orange county for a day to go to disneyland. ;-)

fun! i can't wait!


Dyanna said...

Ooh... Disneyland! Now that sounds like a treat! Have lots of fun with your mom, and take lots of pictures :)