Saturday, October 12, 2002


i have a problem.

i have no more room on my bookshelves.

i can't help the fact that every time i go into bookshop i end up buying something!! tonight i bought five books... the boy next door, the fig eater, their eyes were watching god, icy sparks, and altar music.

add white oleander, the wind up bird chronicle, a desert in bohemia, man crazy, the master of all desires, gospel, and the feast of love (which i'm reading right now), i'll be busy for a while!!

i'm going to bring about 5 of these, plus all my knitting, to 'training'. without having to worry about laundry or dishes or cleaning, i can devote my time to the good things in life - books, yarn, tv and sleep! though i do hope the hotel i end up in has a gym. ;-)


meegan said...

i am the same way with bookstores. i just can't help but buy more and more, hehe. enjoy white oleander. it is one of my favorites!

brina said...

i had the same problem a few months back. my bookshelves are (still) two deep, and i keep books on the shelf in my closet. at first i contemplated buying more shelves, but then i went through my books and found (shockingly) that i had multiple copies of some books and hated others. so i took about seventy-five of them over to the salvation army. sigh. i doubt anyone is ever going to read them, but it's better than throwing them away, right?