Tuesday, October 1, 2002

real world, my ass.

nowhere in the 'real world' have i heard of people being provided with a gorgeous, furnished place to live (basically for free) cush jobs handded to them on a silver planner, and all kinds of free prizes and trips to cool places. of course on the Real World (note the caps) people get exactly this, and then bitch that they don't like their job PLANNING PARTIES. whatever.

regardless of all this, i'm all over this season of real world. my and my housemate have nicknamed it skank time, becasue that's basically what it is. it's really fun to watch and make fun of everyone. what i don't understand is why everone is drooling all over the man-whore (steven). he's not even that cute, and he's obviously dumber than a bag of hair. trichelle cracks me up, too - everone talks about how she's so innovent... HA! innocent my ass... she's a skank in sheeps-clothing. frank is... well, boring. so is alton, so far. irulan and arissa are getting more interesting as time goes by. and brynn! she is a whiny, irresponsibe, arrogant, selfish spoiled brat.

the great thing about watching the whole season of real world is that these people really do tend to change throughout the whole thing... and usually they change for the better. i'm curious to see what i think of all these people at the end of the season.

mmm, gotta love trash tv!


Shawn said...

My sister kept switching between baseball and "Real World" last night. You're right Trichelle is a skank!

Peacock said...

Trashelle. Yes.
Hi Paisley!

meegan said...

i love it too. the trashier the better, hehee.

Jared said...

Trichelle is hot though. She has a hell of a rack and nice lips to boot. I'll take one skank to go, please.