Saturday, September 28, 2002


so, it's not like i don't have things to say, but my days are so long and they fly by so fast and then it's been a week and i realize i haven't posted. this sucks because i was never very good at writing my thoughts in a real, 3-dimentional journal... i'd write every few days for a month or so and then i'd stop writing altogether. so, i have a great record of about 3 months of freshman year, and then another 4 of junior year and that's it. this blog has been great because it's a pretty constant record of what's been going on with me, and i like that. someday i can go back and be like, wow, this was what it was like to be in my early 20's. you know?

so, yesterday i joined a gym!! it's about time... i finally had the $$ to shell out, so i figured this is a good thing to spend it on, rather than random crap. the membership includes free personal training, and i had my first half-hour this morning. the trainer showed me how to take my heart rate, and we worked on cardiovascular stuff, treadmill, bike, etc., setting up how fast i should be going, and for how long. wednesday morning i have my next session, and we're going to work on the weights... this is all good, because i'm generally clueless about these sorts of things. working out has always been a bit of a struggle for me (i blame it on the exercise induced asthma), but with such long hours at work, i really didn't want to get in a cycle of work 11 hours, eat, then sleep. it was like, the last straw. so now, basically i'm going to spend the winter working my ass off. ;-) hahaha.


Jenni said...

Ack, I need to start going to a gym too... or actually start going regularily to judo and latino groove. I think I'll pick the latter one. :)