Saturday, November 30, 2002

happy haunukkah!

so my goal of a redesign and a photolog by the end of the weekend is so not happening. damn.

i hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving. mine was pretty cool - i went to the beach, hung out with the fam, ate good food and was home by 7. all in all a great day. and to top it off, i got friday off!! 2 days off in a row! i think it was some sort of miracle. but yeah, thanksgiving at the beach was great... the weather was perfect and the unset was lovely... i got to experiment with my camera and all the different settings. i'll post the photos sometime soon...

so tonight, i'm going to not one, but 2 haunukkah parties. and i'm not even jewish! the first one is at my mom's friend's house... they're from israel, and they're pretty nice people. the other one is in SF, at amica's ( i know amica from HS.) i guess it's going to be packed... they're expecting about 40 people at a 2 bedroom apartment. i'm going to shoot some movies with my camera and make a little music video... (the thing doesn't record sound). should be fun.

thought for the day: looking for car insurance sucks. the end.