Sunday, February 3, 2002

french kiss

no matter how many times i watch it, i totally love french kiss. and actually, i've been waching it quite often since comedy central's been playing it ever week or so.

i know it's cheezy, and not even that good of a movie, but i can't help it. i love kevin kline, and the ending is just too cute. i just love hokey romance movies. i mean, notting hill is one of my all time favorite movies, and i even liked fools rush in (but then again, i have a weakness for matthew perry). maybe it's the utter lack of romance in my own life that makes these movies so appealing to me. ;-)


jennifer said...

oh i love those movies too. I never used to admit it, but now since my dvd collection has all of those wonderful movies now, i can't deny it. You've Got Mail is another good one. :)