Monday, February 4, 2002

about 10 years ago...

stolen from renee and ericalynn.

about 10 years ago...
1. i was in seventh grade
2. i wasn't doing very well in school
3. i was a loner
4. i worked crew for my elementary schools' spring musical

about 5 years ago...
1. i was starting school at uc irvine
2. i was voice major
3. i hated school
4. i had a season pass to disneyland

about 2 years ago...
1. i officially became a ucsc student
2. i started liking school again
3. i was looking forward to seeing phish in vegas
4. i got my dvd player!

about 1 year ago...
1. i was living alone for the first time
2. i had a crush on a boy that never went anywhere
3. i was working run crew for translations
4. i learned how to knit!

1. i overslept and missed my acting class
2. i did my new dorky workout tapes for the second day in a row!
3. i get to have asian rose for dinner
4. i start working with my youth group again... yay!


ericalynn said...

i am so behind the times; i just got a dvd player in october... you got it two years ago!
my parents were the last people on earth to get a microwave... la di da...

Meegan said...

two days with the aerobic tapes, i'm impressed, much better than my track record. unfortunately i rarely make it through one full tape, heh. keep it up, girl!