Thursday, February 28, 2002

cant... resist....

i really can't resist the urge to socialize.

tonight, for example, i went to see a show up on campus, and afterwards, everone decided to go to saturn. i'm super tired, i have to get up early for class tomorrow, and i have an excruciatingly long weekend ahead of me. so what do i do? i go to saturn and have a chocolate milkshake.

so now i'm extra tired, my lines still aren't memorized, and i'm not ready to leave on my trip tomorrow.

but it was a damn good milkshake.


KiwiNessie said...

I am socialising too. Why don't bloggers have guestbooks? I could come up with a witty joke, but my brain is too tired from being back at uni. Nice to visit your site :)
(MT Blog ring circumnavigation, Mar/02)