Sunday, March 3, 2002


this has got to be a joke. seriously. i mean, the sign is ugly, but the city selling it on ebay? that seems a little too bizarre.

busy weekend... hung out with the kids on our youth group retreat, went to the sf zoo, had a blast at a pisces party, and ate yummy bagels for breakfast today. that really was one of the higlights of my day!

i'm not sure why i haven't felt like writing lately. i guess because nothing's really been happening... it's been the same exact things over and over for the past few weeks. boring. i know. ;-


donz said...

Oh my lord. i can't believe that's for real!! the best part is where it says, "cities with 'River Street' might find it particularly useful." UM, DUHHHHHHHHHHH. that's just hilarious.

Imelda said...

I find the zoo in SF depresssing. I was there in Jan and it was sad seeing all the little animals caged.