Tuesday, March 5, 2002

the osbournes?

anyone else looking forward to the first episode of the osbournes? i remember seeing the kids on an episode of cribs (that show i only watch when i'm sick) and i thought they were hilarious. i was skeptical at first, i mean, who needs another reality show? we'll see... but i think this one will turn out to be a hit.

i'm also awaiting with bated breath the release of movabletype 2.0. i don't sing the priases of mt as often as i should... it's a great little program, and was entirely worth the two weeks i spent frustrated in front of my computer trying to get it all to work.

as for this, apparently it is real... i wonder if the people who are bidding on it realize that? as for me, i'll be happy to see that sign gone... it's an eyesore and i hate having to see it every time i get on the damn freeway.

ugh... i have to do my scene in studio tomorrow. not sure i'm ready, but i guess i don't have a choice. three days of classes left. its' funny, but after years of wanting to be done wth school forever, now that i actually am, i don't want to leave! ah well, i'm staying in town, it's not like i can't go up to p.a. and hang out with everyone once in a while.


leblanc said...

i was so excited for the Osbournes, because i LOVE ozzy and always have, but the show seemed a bit rushed - the sound was terrible ( i know Ozzy mumbles, but get that man a mic!!) and it seemed slammed together. but i'll still keep watching, because i think he's a PERFECT example of how people can totally misconstrue a person because of their on-stage persona, not unlike my 2nd favorite maniacs, Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper :-)