Wednesday, February 27, 2002


yikes and yikes.

well, these girls no longer have any fashion sense. it's nice to see britney fully clothed, but it looks like she got her hair done by an egg beater. and christina looks like her dress got attacked by a mountain lion. i wonder if she was afraid her boobs were going to fall out of her dress? and for the love of god, get rid of that horrific wig... it's almost worse than the cornrows she had a while back.

so there you go... proof that looking good no longer matters in this society.


laura said...

britney looks like the long-lost daughter of loni anderson.
christina looks like marilyn monroe's corpse rose from the grave to check out the grammys.

renee said...

i think christina always looks like a cheap whore (did you see her outfit at the olympic closing ceremonies? eek!). also, those boobs are looking a lot bigger these days, aren't they? britney always looks like a barbie doll. the dress did look great however, a lot better than her usual garb. it is a shame she ruined it with that atrocious hair. maybe her and justin wanted matching fros instead of matching outfits?
i think they've no longer had any fashion sense for a LONG time ;)

leblanc said...

i thought britney never got to go to the prom .... ????