Wednesday, February 20, 2002


phew... busy week! me and katlynn had a blast this weekend... we went bowling and i broke 100 in two of our games! granted, the bumpers were up, but even with bumpers i've never broken 100. it was very exciting. also exciting... i stopped in at streetlight, which is usually bad because i spend way too much money on cd's. but i got lucky.. i got the soundtrack to so i married an ax murderer and juliana hatfield - become what you are for under six dollars!! considering i've wanted those cd's for ages, but could never bring myself to pay fulll price (or even used prices). so 2.95 and 1.95 (respectively) was a great find.

so, my esp must be on today... i knew who my scene partner was going to be as soon as my acting teacher started assigning scenes. it was one of those weird yet cool things. i told my acting teacher this and he wasn't surprised at all... he just laughed and said that we were going to have a lot of fun, and i think he's right. me and miles (that's my scene partner) have this very interesting energy when we work together... today we were playing 'stretch your face' (don't ask) and it was all we could do not to just laugh through the entire thing. it was a blast.

personal note.... ericalynn, i miss you!! and go look at lyg's page, there's a new entry!!