Friday, June 11, 2004

instant karma

it's amazing how when things are going not so good, things can make a turn for the better just like that!

i was worrying about some serious money issues - like possibly not having enough money to pay my rent next month! but all of a sudden, i get a tivo rebate of $50 that i had long given up as lost in the mail! then yesterday i got a check from the state - apparently i did my taxes wrong and i got an extra 65 bucks! it helps that i had forgotten about the state refund altogether, so i'm now up $170, which helps a lot.

things are still tight around here, though, so i'm still selling those dvd's (scroll down, hint hint) and i'm taking back some recent purchases, including my new skirt (sob)! i hate to do that, but it comes down to the fact that i just can't afford it! i figured out that by taking some stuff back i can get close to $100 back in my bank account, more if i hadn't been stupid and lost receipts. D'oh! ;-)

but this again justifies my beleif in karma - i try every day to be a good person, and every time i think things are at their worst, i get these little reminders that all my efforts to be nice aren't all for nothing. ;-)


Sweety said...

Good for you!! :)