Friday, June 11, 2004

this is ridonkulous.


Picture this: The plane circles the airfield, the passengers around you prepare for landing. Suddenly, a familiar catchy theme song begins playing in the background, and the flight crew expresses its delight to be the first to bid you "welcome to the O.C., bitch!"

they actually want to rename john wayne airport...

can you imagine flying into 'The O.C. Airport, John Wayne Field' ??

i mean, i'm obsessed with the OC too, but this is ridonkulous.


Sweety said...

"ridonkulous"? LMAO :))

dramabug said...

hahaha, ridonkulous is possibly my favorite word that i learned on the OC! i added a mp3 of the line from the show. click and get a little bit of the fab adam brody.
adam brody rules, that's for sure. ;-)