Thursday, June 3, 2004

thoughts on recent things i've seen/heard/read

LIT: oryx and crake.
love love love love margaret atwood. one of my top three favorite authors of all time. this book is GREAT. and it just came out in paperback, so you can get it cheap at costco and read it. (and if you haven't read a handmaids tale and alias grace yet, you are really missing out. great books.)

FILM: spellbound
my sister had to talk me into watching this the other day, because a documentary about a spelling bee sounded laaa-aaame. but it was actually FANTASTIC, like, REALLY FUCKING GOOD. you should go rent it now and watch it. go do it. now. go!
good timing, too, this year's spelling bee was this week - i watched the last 3 spellers duke it out on ESPN today. thrilling stuff - no sarcasm intended!

TV: a&e
city confidential, cold case files and american justice are my current faves... i just love crime documentaries, for some weird reason. airline is great too, and is esp. funny to me since i always fly southwest!
honarable mention goes to courtTV - i'm not really interested in trial coverage, but i love their shows... forensic files and the system are my favorites.

SONG: penny & me - hanson
back in the day, my mom bought me that first hanson cd as a joke. you know, the one with mmmbop on it. people made fun of me all the time for having it, and i probably could have sold it or threw it out or something, but aside from the annoying-but-really-catchy-song-that-everyone-ended-up-hating, the rest of it was pretty good. come on, those kids wrote all those songs! so anyway, saw the new video on mtv and the song is great. good harmony, fun lyrics, good song.

ART: hugh macleod
i love these little drawings. LOVE THEM. and as soon as this gem is available as a blog card i'm totally going to buy some.

ALBUM: Her Majesty the Decemberists
my sister hates all the indie music i listen to, she thinks it's all whiny. Colin Meloy is a little whiny, i'll admit, but his voice has something really unique in it, and no, i don't think it's his accent. i love this album, especially track 8, red right ankle(i broke my right ankle almost 10 years ago and it's got red scars on it from the surgery). anyway, there is something about this album that gets to me, but i can't pinpoint it.


alex said...

Love the blogcards, though all the ones I really love I could never honestly use in real life.