Wednesday, June 2, 2004

I feel a bad moon rising

things were really really weird tonight... i got to youth group and things just went horribly, there was mass communication breakdown, i was annoyed, my friends were annoyed, someone has stopped talking to me for no apparent reason, and someone got right up in my face, all jerry springer style.

then i realized that it was a full moon and it all made more sense.

i just think it's lame that a good day can just go to shit like that for a few little things. i mean, today i went to the museum with my sister to see a really cool exhibit with a full size kitchen made of beads (click the images on the side....amazing!).
then i went to lunch with debbie, and went swimming (mmm, swimming), and finally, i stopped at old navy and got a new skirt.

so, a good day overall, i just wish that stupid things wouldn't pop up and ruin my day.

i've been a bit pessimistic lately, haven't i? it's not like me. i think i'm just having one of those weeks. but i just got my new dsl modem, and it's supposed to fix my speed issues, and fast download speeds make me happy, so hopefully by tomorrow i'll be a happy happy girl. ;-)