Wednesday, May 26, 2004


happy: sharon's lemon sorbet
    lemon sorbet rules my world.

happier: watching fantasia win american idol
    fantasia and diana were my picks from the start, so having them be the finnal two was exciting. but YAY, i love fantasia, i can't wait to buy every cd she ever releases.

happiest: having NO MORE CREDIT CARD DEBT!
    not haivng to pay finance charges ROCKS MY FRICKIN' WORLD.

sad: my poor broken printer
    i could get my printer fixed, but i lack the tool to open it up and remove the broken piece. grr.

sadder: having to work during my youth group retreat.
    i should know better than to turn in a request for time off 1 week before i need the days off. duh, me.

saddest: the end of phish.
    phish was a big part of my college life, and even though i felt that in a way i had moved on from my crazy fandom, they are still my favorite band and i am really really sad that i'll never get to see them live again.


alex said...

Yeah, I'd put losing credit card debt at the top of my "happiest" list, too. The end of Phish... well, disappointing, but not saddest. Though if that's the worst part of your day, you're still not having all that bad of one.

liz said...

Jill Check this out!!!