Friday, May 21, 2004

maybe i'm amazed

three straight days in my house and i'm going a little stir crazy.

ok, maybe not three straight days, i did leave the house on wednesday to run errands, and i ran out tonight to get some dinner. but my basic reason for staying home is to keep from spending money, and i think i did pretty well at that. i feel like i have to make up for wednesday... i went to costco and got the new Alanis and Diana Krall CD's. both are really good. my boss teased me, he said no one lieks alanis anymore, but whatever! i like her, and that's what really matters.

I was going to go out and see shrek 2 today, but i got hung up on a little project and couldn't bring myself to leave the house until i finished it. i've been mildly obsessed with Jem's cover of Maybe I'm Amazed (the Paul McCartney song). She did it just for the OC, and it wasn't 'released', per se, but i got a copy that someone ripped off the TV, with all the talking in it. whatever, there's not much talking, it'll do.

She sings it in the perfect key for me, and i just decided that i'd figure out how to play it on the piano. so i figured out (with the help of my guitar and my capo) how many steps up it was from the original version, and then banged it out on the piano. i got the chorus in about 20 minutes, no sweat. I couldn't figure out the verse to save my life, mostly becasue the chords have to be inverted to sound right, not to mention to make it easier to play. i ended up putting little stickers on the keys so i could remember what chord goes next. so now i can play the verse (with few mistakes), and the chorus is easy easy. maybe by the time the common ground talent show comes around, i'll be able to play it with no stickers and sing at the same time. that would knock everyone's socks off. ;-)

see, i didn't completely waste my day!!