Sunday, February 13, 2005

you can call me miss messy.

so, my house is messy. i know the problem is that i have too much stuff, and i'm trying to remedy that, but it SO HARD to throw things away. or give them away. SO HARD. but i am making progress. i stayed at home all weekend and cleaned. well, cleaned and watched a bunch of TV and read a book, but i did actually get things done.

like my laundry room is all clean! all the towels are off the floor and currently drying. and they will NOT end up back on the floor! i can see the floor in my bedroom. like, the whole floor. there is still a pile of stuff on my bed that needs to find a home, but it is NOT ON THE FLOOR. i moved my bedside table and chair and vaccuumed the whole room. i put all my shoes in the shoe boxes (actually apple boxes filled with shoes, but it works) and i can actually close the curtains over the closet (no closet doors).

it's nice. i like not having clutter all over everything. i'm hoping i can keep doing a little at a time and keep getting rid of things. but now i have to go tackle my dining room table and start packing for the tip to boston. i leave in 4 days! ack!


trace said...

hola hola~ i see you are writing again... ;) the skins feature is tight!

brian said...

Sounds like a similar battle I'm going through right now! My friday night hangover recovery was spent cleaning up my place.
hiya jill!